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Sunday, April 29, 2018

29th of 30 Quilt Blocks in 30 Days Blog Hop and Quilt Along - Last Day to Enter the Giveaway

Welcome to day 29 of
30 Quilt Blocks in 30 Days.

A blog hop and quilt along.
Every day in April there will be one super simple quilt block tutorial for the quilt along here
one designer showing a project with that block on their blog.

30 days of designers 
showing new and different ways to use each of the
30 quilt blocks.

Today's all-star blogger is

Block 29 - Dovetail

Size Unfinished: 10 1/2" x 10 1/2"
Finished Size: 10" x 10"

Cut 16 rectangles 1 3/4" x 4 1/4" - 8 green / 8 white
1 strip 3" x 10 1/2" - white

Stitch them together as laid out with 1/4" seams.
Stitch the small rectangles on top and bottom together then stitch the top and bottom units to the middle strip.

Now make more blocks for a super fun quilt.

I am using Tula Pink's newest fabric collection, 
All Stars to show each block.

And you can win your own bundle of All Stars too.
This is the last day to enter.
I will announce the winner on the last day of the blog hop,
 tomorrow April 30th.

Click HERE to enter the giveaway.

Comment on the blogger of the day and come back here to enter every day in April
for more chances to win the All Stars fabric bundle.

Here is the full schedule for the Blog Hop and links to tutorials for each block:

Project Designer

April 1st

Block 1- 4 Patch
April 2nd

Block 2 - Double Stuffed
April 3rd

April 4th
Block 4 - Dutch Door

April 5th

April 6th
Block 6 - Tacked Up

April 7th
Block 7 - Stripper

April 8th
Block 8 - Staggered

April 9th
Block 9 - Topsy Turvy

April 10th
Block 10 - Chunky Pinwheel

April 11th
Block 11 - Painted WIndow

April 12th
Block 12 - Broken Cinder Block

April 13th
Block 13 - Reaction

April 14th
Block 14 - Median Strip

April 15th
Block 15 - Center of Attention

April 16th

Block 16 - Bounce
April 17th

Block 17 - Sweet Sixteen
April 18th

Block 18 - Yeah Eights
April 19th

Block 19 - Weave
April 20th

Block 20 - Classic
April 21st

Block 21 - Spot
April 22nd

Block 22 - Cross Walk
April 23rd

Block 23 - Opposites Attract
April 24th

Block 24 - Possibility
April 25th

Block 25 - Camper Window
April 26th

Block 26 - Catching Z's
April 27th

Block 27 - Broken Stripes
April 28th

Block 28 - Stockade
April 29th

Block 29 - Dovetail
April 30th

Block 30 - Slow Tee
You can see all the blocks and quilts in one place:

Don't forget to enter the giveaway.
Tomorrow is our last day
then a quilt will be finished.


rosemaryschild said...

A very nice block - makes a wonderful quilt! I am enjoying this hop! Thank you, Susan

the momma said...

I've enjoyed the bloghop, Carla, and am excited to put my quilt top together!! Thanks so much for hosting ~ Tracy

Lisa Marie said...

I got lots of interesting ideas from this hop, thanks for hosting!

Unknown said...

Thank you Carla for the most Awesome blog hop!!!!!

Carol said...

Carla, this hop has been lots of fun--thanks so much! Love the fabric you've used--saw it in a shop the other day & was SEW tempted, but resisted (this time). Thanks again!

Brenda said...

Hello Carla, I am so thrilled with todays design. It just seems so fun and easy to use with any theme of fabric. Thank you for sharing your great designs with us! Have a great day!

ShirleyC said...

This one would be a good way to use up scraps. So much fun!

barbara woods said...

beautiful fabric

Vicki H said...

I have enjoyed the hop. So many of the blocks make great quilts on their own. Thanks so much.

Needled Mom said...

I'm sorry today was a no show as I would love to have seen this one worked out. I like the way you have arranged the blocks in your version. I always try to picture it in a quilt before I scroll down to see how you used it.

I'm sorry to see the hop coming to an end.

Tu-Na Quilts said...

This hop has been so much fun. Your blocks have been a joy to sew and reading the designer's daily blog posts has been a treat. It was unfortunate that today's designer didn't follow through. Thank you again for sharing these wonderful patterns and hosting the hop. Now I wonder what you'll be creating next.

JANET said...

Great hop! When I see such simple blocks, I usually pass over them. You have given me a new way of viewing! Thank you!

Cindy Shelley said...

Sad Lakeshore Stitches was a "no show" but love your quilt, Carla. Thanks for the blog hop and al the various patterns.

Sharon Aurora said...

I really like this block. It might actually be my favorite. I like what you did with it.

@lutzcats said...

Pretty block...of course how can you go wrong with Tula Pink fabrics?

Kathy E. said...

I really enjoyed following along on this hop, Carla and you are so creative with every block! Lakeshore hasn't updated their blog to show how she used the Dovetail block...I was really looking forward to seeing her project!

BarbCarol said...

Carla. So sorry ! Technical difficulties with my computer. My blog is up now.

Lakeshore Stitches.

Beth said...

Carla, I just wanted to confirm that I was able to see the blog post--I must have pulled it up just after it went up. What a lovely project, with hand-stitching adding a special touch.