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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Bunny House Lane

Two little ones are going to have a sweet Easter surprise.
I've finished 2 bunny houses, 2 sets of furniture, and 6 bunnies and all are in their new homes
ready to be loved by little people.
Welcome to Bunny House Lane.
Two houses made to look like our cabin.
One with brown bunnies and one with white.
One is for a little boy and one for a little girl.
Orange furniture in one.
Red furniture in the other.
I just love those pictures of families walking away from the camera.

Two little houses made with a few modifications from McCall's pattern 8346 from 1982.
These are the second and third ones I have made.
The first one was blogged here.
You may tire of seeing these little houses as I have orders for a lot more.
I have a ton of ideas for colors and animals
and enough orders to use them all.
I'm happy to have these finished in time for my Easter deadline.
Doing a happy dance.
There is a blog hop going right now where bloggers are revealing superpowers.
 I'm not in this one (that Easter deadline), but I've been cheering everyone on
and enjoying all the inspiration.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

A Happy Little Mailbox for me and someone else

Look what made me
this week.
This sweet little fabric box was in my mailbox.
I was a giveaway winner in the 

Life in the Scrapatch

Thank you, Pat.  I love it and it is perfect for thread catching in my sewing room!
I may need to make a few more of these.  :>)

I have a winner to announce for the
 Triangle Confetti foundation paper piece pattern giveaway.

Beth Strand said...

I follow on BlogLovin' and I love that block! Beth @ Words & Stitches  I've sent you an email with your pattern enclosed. 

A new blog hop is in the "sign up" phase:

A Perfect Picnic
A blog hop with
Picnic Quilts
Picnic Baskets
Picnic Menus
Doesn't that put you in the spring/summer mood? 
YOU can sign up, too!
Get all the details at SEW WE QUILT. 
It's a beautiful day here in the sticks.
Sneak peek.  Almost finished with my Bunny Houses.
Great day for window washing.
No, really....yuck.


Friday, April 4, 2014

Dancing Triangles Foundation Paper Piece Block Pattern

I would like to thank everyone for all the sweet comments for my
Hubby and I were overwhelmed by the response.
When cleaning the "inbox" on my email,
I didn't get very far when I ran across several requests for
the pattern to the
little dancing triangles
at the bottom of

Triangle Confetti Quilt
The pattern
is now available on

Here are some other ideas for the block:
Dancing triangle pattern grouped in 4 blocks to form a circle of triangles.
Dancing triangles place randomly with random colors.
Dancing triangles in one color grouped in 4 to form a circle. 
This one would look great in the cabin.
And that is what I have for my Friday finish.

Linking up with
Amanda Jean at
Crazy Mom Quilts.

And for one luck reader and follower who has made it this far and is still reading...

I am sneaking a giveaway.

You can recieve a PDF copy of this pattern
if you
are a follower
leave a comment.

I'll announce a winner Friday, April 11th.

The winner of the giveaway:

Beth Strand said...
I follow on BlogLovin' and I love that block! Beth @ Words & Sttiches

Have a happy weekend
thank you, again,
for all the wonderful encouragement.


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Home and Heart - Flags on a Stick Blog Hop

With the arrival of spring, it's time to get outside and make our outdoor space ready for
warm entertaining.
(The calendar says spring is here.... )
The weather thinks otherwise.


Madame Samm at Sew We Quilt created a blog hop called "Flags on a Stick" where everyone is to design their very own garden flag.

 I signed up to make a flag
hubby jumped on board to make a couple of garden flag poles for me.
A great big thank you to Thearica over at Pig Tales and Quilts for organizing the blogs participating in this hop.
She has done a great job!


Welcome to Duck Creek

 I made this flag to welcome guests to our home.
It represents our home with the cowboys (Dodge City)
the ducks (Duck Creek surrounds our home).

The background fabric is a piece I snow dyed that looks just like a Dodge City sunrise.
Black Kona fabric for the silhouettes.
I wrote the word welcome in chalk at the bottom and then covered the chalk lines with jute twine.
The twine was couched with zig zag in a matching thread.
I put a little fabric glue on the ends of the twine to keep it from fraying.

The cowboy sihloutte is my husband's pattern
that he cuts from metal.
There were some very narrow cuts for fabric, but I love the result.
I will have this pattern available soon.


My daughter is going to be married in October this year.
As the mother of the bride, I'm very happy for her.
I'm also a little sad.
(Is that normal?)
I suppose it is kind of like "empty nest syndrom" in a different kind of way.
I used this dress as part of the fabric for my next garden flag.
Don't worry, the dress had a few stains and wouldn't have been useable in any other way.
I'm not usually a saver of things, but I have a few special things from when my kids were little.
This is a surprise for her.
Wedding garden quilt.   "I Do"
We can wave this flag to greet guests at her wedding.
Then later, it will make a sweet wall hanging for her home.

 The bride's dress is fabric from my daughter's little dress. 
I used the lining and the lace overlay.
The wedding colors are to be purple and lime green.
Hubby, once again, made the flag holder
and I designed the pattern for the flag.

That is my home and heart.

Be sure and check out the other waving flags of the day.
There will be some beauties with this bunch, I assure you.

April 1st

Sew Incredibly Crazy

Quilt Doodle Designs

Buzzing and Bumbling

Why Knot Kwilt?

Creatin' in the Sticks ME!

Thank you to the sponsors of the hop,

thank YOU for visiting
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