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Thursday, May 16, 2019

May Pole - A Bonus Block for A Time For All Seasons

May is flying by
it's so fun to see all the block making progress
in the
A Time for All Seasons Block of the Month.

Our designer of the month of May is
Joan of Moosestash Quilting
and she has been generous enough to not only design 2 blocks,
but also give us a bonus block.

"May" Pole is paper pieced
you can find the pattern information from Joan
by clicking HERE.

by Thermoweb
made paper piecing the block
a piece of cake.
They are sturdy and see-through, yet easy to tear away.
They don't fall apart if you have to correct a mistake.
Ask me how I know...

You print the pieces of the quilt block directly on the quilt block sheets and get right to stitching.

Have you been keeping up with the blocks?

Joan has the May blocks available by clicking HERE.

You can find a list of the fabric requirements and more information about the
Block of the Month
by clicking HERE.

Join us.
 There are over 3000 friends on the Facebook group and we are having a blast.
Everyone is so encouraging and helpful.

Make the blocks and share them and win prizes from our great sponsors.

Now I'm off to Quilt Market for a weekend of fun.
Hope yours is as fun as mine is going to be.  ;)

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Food For Thought Sew Along - Strawberry Cake Quilt Block

Are you a foodie?
I think everyone that likes to eat may be one.
Today, we are going to the sweet side
with a tasty sew along.

I'm so excited to join the 
talented Thermoweb designers
 for the
Food For Thought Sew Along.

Today I am sharing this quilt block:

There are 4 quilt blocks and the patterns are all free.

The fabrics I'm using are from
and the thread I used to stitch around the applique is
Aurifil thread:  50wt #2692

I'm using
to print the patterns right on the fusible adhesive to create all of the quilt blocks. 
 Just print, fuse, cut, bond, and stitch.  It's that easy.

Head over to the Thermoweb Blog
to download the 4 FREE patterns
Quilt Along
 with us.

I'll have a project with all the blocks to share on May 30th over on the Thermoweb blog.
I've been having some yummy fun.

Sunday, May 12, 2019

The Big Tidy Up - Spring Clean Your Studio Blog Hop

Happy Mother's Day
Welcome to 
The Big Tidy Up 2019
Creatin' in the Sticks!

hosted for the 5th year by Cheryl Sleboda.

When I was little, my mom often read this book to me and it really was my absolute favorite.
It's about a little girl who has a very messy room.  

It's ironic that my day in the hop is on mother's day and I still need this kind of motivation to clean up my room.  Hopefully, my amazingly neat and spotless mom won't happen upon this post and be embarrassed that her grown daughter still can't keep her space clean.

So thank you Cheryl for the motivation to clean up my act before I leave for quilt market this week. 
 It will be so nice to come home to a neat and tidy studio after all the craziness of market preparation.

No judgment here, please.  Remember, I have had some pretty ugly deadlines
I joined this blog hop knowing I would need the motivation to clean up after the crazy.

First, the ugly.

Yes, this crazy is real. 
 My studio is above our detached garage and is large enough to have a 19' workbench with shelving along one wall and another 12' workbench with shelves on another wall.

The other end of the room has a sink and sitting area, but you can't see either one.
The sitting area is buried with quilts that are either waiting for work or finished and need labels.  The sink is covered with stuff at the end of the workbench.

So, let's go around the room and I'll show my improvements.

Because there are few straight walls in my studio, I put a design wall at the bottom of the stairs as you enter my space.  I just pinned a flannel backed table cloth to the wall and works in progress are the perfect welcome as I come up the stairs or as I leave.

Let's head upstairs to the studio.
This is where I hang minis or pillow tops not in use.

I purchased this sink cabinet at a school auction for 10 dollars and my hubby installed it for me.  It's so handy because there was no water in the studio before and I had to go to the house every time I needed to wash my hands or brushes or even fill my water mister.

I use plastic boxes for storage on the shelves of the benches.
Most of the boxes are labeled and large ones on the bottom shelves hold patterns, batting, interfacing, and other misc. items where the top shelves hold smaller shoe size boxes.

As a designer for Thermoweb, storing rolls of HeatNBond by my lightbox with tall terracotta pots I picked up at Hobby Lobby for 1 dollar a piece is perfect.

The smaller workbench is the perfect place for my new AccuQuilt. It's also where I keep some books and magazines.  I use old animal cracker bears for button storage.
The shelves underneath hold plastic boxes with smaller pieces of fabric sorted by color.

Larger fabric pieces and current projects are stored in this cabinet that is actually just pieces of closet organization units.  The middle hanging part is perfect for quilt tops ready to be quilted and clothes waiting to be mended.

Next to the fabric storage cabinet is my ironing surface and then instead of a sitting area that I never used, I have my grandmother's sewing machine and a few of the quilts I have left to finish.

To finish up The Big Tidy Up, I gave the biggest essential a little attention.
I like to clean the lint from my sewing machine between professional service times. 

Where does all that lint come from?
 I clean around the bobbin case weekly, but for occasions like spring cleaning, the bottom of the machine comes off and with a soft brush, the lint comes out. 

Visit the other Spring Cleaning Bloggers and get some great tips for organization:

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  19. May 17 – Cheryl Sleboda – http://blog.muppin.com

Full disclosure here, I couldn't have pulled off 
The Big Tidy Up 
without a little help.
Because my hubby gave me a few hours of his time
I was able to spend my Mother's Day Saturday playing with my daughter and  

We played hard and wore her out. 
There's nothing better than holding a napping baby.

Happy Mother's Day!

Friday, May 10, 2019

Bag Sewing - Patterns in Kits

Do you like to stitch your own bags?

(photos - Bluprint)
Until last year, I really hadn't made a lot of large bags.
Then Craftsy (now Bluprint) approached me about designing a large market bag
I became a little obsessed with making them.

The larger the better if you ask me.

And this one is big.

It’s made with just one package of 10” squares!

I'm just tickled to share that you can
now pick up your own large Market Tote kit over at Bluprint featuring my pattern.

You can choose from 2 color combinations too!

I hope you will try out one of the kits.

50% Off 1 Bluprint Exclusive Quilting Item with code SHOPTOIT19 at shop.mybluprint.com through 6/16/19.

Click here for the blue Rhapsody Market Tote kit
here for the Spark Market Tote kit.

Get 50% off the price with code
until June 16th, 2019!

Have fun with the bags and be sure to share pictures with me. 
I would love to share your market bags.

Saturday, May 4, 2019

Winner - Be a Diamond

Just Let me Quilt 
Creatin' in the Sticks
have partnered
to bring fun blog hops each month.

Blog hops are a great way to show
new quilting methods, patterns, fabrics, projects,
products you may not have seen before.

Last week we had so much fun with the
Be A Diamond
blog hop.

My quilt, Stripe Me a Diamond, was string pieced using 
by Thermoweb.

Print the quilt block directly on the quilt block sheet and get right to stitching.
For the blog hop, a random drawing for Instagram or Facebook followers 
was held
to win a package of 
the winner is
an Instagram follower,

Congratulations Joan, I'm emailing you right now.

May the Fourth be with you!

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

A Time for All Seasons - May Blocks

Today is the first day of May
and time for new blocks 
Block of the Month.

Our team of designers is having so much fun presenting this
Block of the Month
love showing new blocks each month.

We have 2 new blocks for May!

May Flowers

May Flowers 

designed this month's blocks.

Aren't they pretty?
The blocks require patience, but the time taken pays off in beautiful blocks.
The applique block is perfect for a little thread painting.

Find Joan's pattern information by clicking HERE.

You can find a list of the fabric requirements and more information about the
Block of the Month
by clicking HERE.

I love printing the applique patterns right on the fusible adhesive with
(no tracing!)

Join us for this fun Block of the Month. 
 There are over 3000 friends on the Facebook group and we are having a blast.
Everyone is so encouraging.

Come have some fun with us.