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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Let Your Passion Shine

More snow?  Really?  Wind?  Really?  Have you ever finished a quilt and you just can't get any pictures because of the weather?  Could someone turn off the wind machine in western Kansas, please?

The challenge for Project Quilting is a finish, but I have struggled to photograph this one.  Maybe it's an armature photographer block or THE WEATHER....

Project QUILTING, Season 4, Challenge 5–Print Publications

The challenge:  Pick a print publication, open your publication to page 28, and use this for your inspiration.

You can see all of the quilts for this challenge and voting has begun.  Voting closes at the end of the day Friday, March 15th.  PLEASE VOTE HERE.

Shine Quilt and page 28 from "Launchpad January 2013"


Project QUILTING, Season 4, Challenge 5–Print Publications
Made by Carla in Dodge City, Kansas
Size:  24" x 29"

Choosing a publication was easy for me.  I have a stack of trade magazines for work that I have neglected lately.  As a hair stylist, inspiration is a constant need.  I never want to become stagnant in my work or in quilting.  I loved combining two of my passions into one project.

Some of the techniques I tried on Shine were thread painting, thread painting words, applique, free motion quilting, pieced binding, and beading. 

The magazine

Check out the model's necklaces.  Talk about great inspiration....

From Drawing to fabric

Closer view of the beads and quilting (No sunshine=No seeing of the black quilting)

The back.  Notice the scissor fabric.  It works for my collission of passions. 

Hair styling and Quilting collide


Blowing away in Kansas,

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Becky said...

Very nice! Love the FMQing!

Glinda ♥ said...

Wow, Carla! Seriously? How talented are you???

Angela FlowersMoore said...

You did a marvelous job on that one.

bohemiannie! art said...

Oh love it so much! This is a fabulous rendition of your magazine page!!!

I'm blowing away with you! The wind here in Barranquilla blows from November thru March and I literally can't open the windows!

Anonymous said...

awesome representation of the inspiration page

Britt G. said...

Hi - this is my first visit (through Crazymomquilts) and what a an amazing art quilt as a first impression! The "hair" quilting is amazing. It really is a piece of art - I love the energy and flow - very cool. I definitely will be checking in on future posts to see what other amazing things you post.