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Friday, August 22, 2014

Meals at Grandma's House

When I was a little tike 
meals at Grandma's house
 meant getting out the Sears catalogs and stacking them on a chair to make me high enough to sit at the table.
 It also meant
tying a dish cloth around my neck to keep dribbles off my dress.

I'm sure there are a lot of you out there with similar memories. 
With this in mind, I decided on a little gift for a friend who became a grandma (again) recently. 
Not a high chair, but a couple of snazzy bibs.

He can keep his little britches clean when he eats a meal at his sweet grandma's house and she won't have to tie a bandanna around his neck.  These bibs have Velcro for fast dressing and undressing.

I purchased the pattern at my LQS.  I changed it a little so it worked for a little cowboy and used fabric out of my stash of western fabrics.  (I always love to buy those...wink)

Tied with a ribbon and on it's way.
The little guy won't need these for awhile, but they are ready when needed.

That's it folks.  That is all the sewing I have accomplished this week.  
Have a great weekend!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Something Old, Something Blue, and More Recipes from You

The excitement is building for the upcoming wedding.

As the mother of the bride
there are lots of things to do
but I am working through all the lists.

Trista (my daughter) wanted their names and the date of the wedding inside the dress
stitched in blue.
Such a clever way to do "something blue."

Wedding date and names stitched in blue inside the dress.

I was a little nervous about stitching inside her dress,
but just look.
She can lift the outer layers of the dress
and it is stitched on the outside of the lining.

Something BLUE, check.

We shopped for garters and I have to admit it was a bit weird for me to be looking for one for my daughter.
Why, I don't know.
She's still my little girl.

She wanted something simple and we just didn't find it.
Why were we going to buy one when we could make one?

Vintage lace and a broach from my grandmother's jewelry...

Something Old, check.

Next on my list is the recipe book I want to give my daughter

A Virtual Bridal Shower

I've been so blessed to have friends from all over the world sending me recipes for
a beautiful book


Trista loves to work magic in the kitchen and loves to try new recipes.

There is still room for more recipes.

If you would like to help me
email me for my snail mail address.

I love the look of hand written recipes, but if you would rather email a recipe
I would love that, too.

I'm planning a surprise for at least one lucky participant.
It will be a random drawing after the wedding.

Thank you, again, for making my mail box (and me) so happy!!!!
Trista is going to love it.

Now I'm off to do Week 6 day 1 of the Couch to 5K training program.
Momma needs to be in her best wedding shape...lol

Monday, August 11, 2014

Pet's on Quilts - Deogie the Back Seat Driver

This is the last day for the Pets on Quilts Show and I want to share my (almost) famous dog with you.


Welcome to Creatin' in the Sticks'
entry for

Pets on Quilts Show 2014!!

 Dog on a quilt category.
A great big thank you to Lily Pad Quilting!

This is Dogie.
She has been in our family for almost 15 years.
She was adopted when she was just a little handful and came from the pound.
Deogie is half black lab and half blue heeler which makes her a very smart dog as you shall see....

Deogie worked with my husband as a plumber for the first 10 years of her life.
Everyday she would jump in the truck and ride with him all day.
In fact, in her early years, we had trouble keeping her out of vehicles.
That is all she wanted to do, ride - or just sit in the car.
We had to lock the cars to keep her out of them.
She may have scratched a few car doors in her hay day....oops

One day my husband wanted to show how she let her self in the truck (no one would believe us).
One thing she hates is the smoke detector sound, so he made it go off at my in laws' house and recorded what she did...

This video was 6 1/2 years ago (almost 6000 views) and Deogie is retired from plumbing now.
She has gone with us everywhere for the last 15 years.
We very seldom leave her at home when we travel.
Some people recognize her and know her name without remembering our names.
She is a well behaved and smart dog.

She's a little grey now and very seldom leaves her bed, unless someone says,
" Let's GO."
She is always willing to ride in the car, but now it's in the back seat and she has to be lifted in.

Deogie isn't really a dog to pose for pictures, so I did what I knew would work and said,
"Let's GO!"

Her sister, Molly, understands what that means too.  She, unlike Deogie, will strike a pose anytime.
I prepared the backseat with the quilt, Peace and Harmony and they snuggled right in.

After a car ride, Molly is ready to pose for you....

Thanks for stopping by to see my girl (s).

Be sure and visit all the cute critters on quilts.

I have  a quilt made just for Deogie that I will share in the See You In September Blog hop so stay tuned...

Friday, August 8, 2014

Snappy Gifts - Snap Bags / Money Bags

This week was busy with making a few bags for friends.

I've been so busy with projects for the
 See You in September Blog Hop
that I was ready for a quick finish
and bags are always a great answer to that.

Madame Samm at Sew We Quilt featured a tutorial this week
that Joan from MooseStash Quilting made some time ago 
and I just had to try her version of Snap Tape Bags.


somehow, this ended up at my house.  I needed to get rid of this tape measure...
(My son used to work for Home Depot)
Don't want you to think I'm a shoplifter or something...wink

It's just so fun to cut up tape measure and use it in a bag.
It's so crazy how well this works
guys love it.

Football season is sooo close and if you know me,
I'm always finding an excuse to use a little Kansas City Chiefs fabric.

Once the tape measure had been unleashed on 3 bags
I decided to use it to make a few money bags for some of the girls I work with.

I needed a flatter bag for easy storage in a purse so I used the video below for inspiration.

They are the perfect size to hold cash and checks.  Not like the bulky bank bags.
The bags needed a little bling, so I added the buttons.
My friend that has been waiting 2 years for one of these will be a happy little camper.

That's it for my quick finishes.
Time to get back to work on my blog hop projects.

If you would like to join a blog hop in October
you can get the details over at 
Sew We Quilt.

Wicked WENDY will be cheering us all on!

Happy weekend, friends.

Monday, August 4, 2014

A Modern Block Party

My schedule never allows time to attend my local quilt guild meetings
I am so grateful for my online quilting community.

We are not limited to our small communities for friendships and coming together to share our crafts.

Hello world!


I was recently invited to join a group of 12 people for 1 year for a modern quilting bee.
The idea is to duplicate the modern quilting bee described in the book, "Block Party" by Alissa Carlton and Kristen Lejnieks.
There are some great modern ideas and inspiration for quilting and coming together to share in the book.

What a great road trip this would make.  This shows the 12 locations of our bee members.
I'm D, for you inquiring minds. 

This is our first month and I have finished my 2 blocks for the Queen of August.

I just love her fabrics and the pattern was so fun to do.
It's a string block with a paper pieced method.

I have so much more to share, but I have a Dodge City Days hangover right now. lol
(no, not an alcohol one, just too much fun)
silly readers...

I'm sorry if you have been missing me...hugs

PS.  Connecting Threads is having a $1000.00 gift card giveaway.
Update:  Giveaway is over