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Friday, August 8, 2014

Snappy Gifts - Snap Bags / Money Bags

This week was busy with making a few bags for friends.

I've been so busy with projects for the
 See You in September Blog Hop
that I was ready for a quick finish
and bags are always a great answer to that.

Madame Samm at Sew We Quilt featured a tutorial this week
that Joan from MooseStash Quilting made some time ago 
and I just had to try her version of Snap Tape Bags.


somehow, this ended up at my house.  I needed to get rid of this tape measure...
(My son used to work for Home Depot)
Don't want you to think I'm a shoplifter or something...wink

It's just so fun to cut up tape measure and use it in a bag.
It's so crazy how well this works
guys love it.

Football season is sooo close and if you know me,
I'm always finding an excuse to use a little Kansas City Chiefs fabric.

Once the tape measure had been unleashed on 3 bags
I decided to use it to make a few money bags for some of the girls I work with.

I needed a flatter bag for easy storage in a purse so I used the video below for inspiration.

They are the perfect size to hold cash and checks.  Not like the bulky bank bags.
The bags needed a little bling, so I added the buttons.
My friend that has been waiting 2 years for one of these will be a happy little camper.

That's it for my quick finishes.
Time to get back to work on my blog hop projects.

If you would like to join a blog hop in October
you can get the details over at 
Sew We Quilt.

Wicked WENDY will be cheering us all on!

Happy weekend, friends.


Unknown said...

Very cool idea! Love the Up-cycling.

Ale jc said...

very cute Carla...YOU ARE bouncing..please send Carol your mailing addy for well you know...
I kept trying to write to you directly kept bouncing backk

Carol S. said...

I really need to make one of these since I've wanted to for YEARS and never have. Very cool bags!

Doris Rice, The Quilting Queen said...

Those are cute bags. I really need to make me some. I was lucky to be gifted 3 a couple of years ago and love them. Use them all the time. They're so handy! The girls you work with will love, love, love them. The bling makes them!

Linda said...

Your little snap bags are great! I've made a few in the last few years and they are so much fun! I love the idea of using football fabric!

Marcy said...

Neat fabric! Those are almost habit forming. They go together so quickly and show off well. I'm going to try that pattern out. The pattern I use seems to have less steps and no bias tape to mess with.