Monday, August 18, 2014

Something Old, Something Blue, and More Recipes from You

The excitement is building for the upcoming wedding.

As the mother of the bride
there are lots of things to do
but I am working through all the lists.

Trista (my daughter) wanted their names and the date of the wedding inside the dress
stitched in blue.
Such a clever way to do "something blue."

Wedding date and names stitched in blue inside the dress.

I was a little nervous about stitching inside her dress,
but just look.
She can lift the outer layers of the dress
and it is stitched on the outside of the lining.

Something BLUE, check.

We shopped for garters and I have to admit it was a bit weird for me to be looking for one for my daughter.
Why, I don't know.
She's still my little girl.

She wanted something simple and we just didn't find it.
Why were we going to buy one when we could make one?

Vintage lace and a broach from my grandmother's jewelry...

Something Old, check.

Next on my list is the recipe book I want to give my daughter

A Virtual Bridal Shower

I've been so blessed to have friends from all over the world sending me recipes for
a beautiful book


Trista loves to work magic in the kitchen and loves to try new recipes.

There is still room for more recipes.

If you would like to help me
email me for my snail mail address.

I love the look of hand written recipes, but if you would rather email a recipe
I would love that, too.

I'm planning a surprise for at least one lucky participant.
It will be a random drawing after the wedding.

Thank you, again, for making my mail box (and me) so happy!!!!
Trista is going to love it.

Now I'm off to do Week 6 day 1 of the Couch to 5K training program.
Momma needs to be in her best wedding


Linda said...

What perfect ideas!!! I love the embroidered wedding date and the garter. You are such a good mama!!

Lana said...

I agree with Linda! That is an awesome idea and gift!
Good going!

Mdm Samm said...

you let me know which kind of recipe...I will send you a family one....

Doris Rice said...

Things are coming together quite nicely! I love the stitching on the inside of the dress. Beautiful garter too! Much nicer than the store bought ones! I'd love to send you a recipe and handwrite it too. Send me your address so I can snail mail it.

Vickie said...

I know you are loving every minute of this process. Such special memories between Mother and Daughter. I love reading about what the two of you are doing.

Carla said...

Very fun ideas. The names stitched inside is very romantic. Enjoy the big day!