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Sunday, May 16, 2021

King of the Jungle - Born to be Wild Blog Hop

   Welcome to the first day of the

Born to be WILD 
Blog Hop!

I'm happy to kick things off with the
King of the Jungle!

Carol of Just Let Me Quilt has invited bloggers to sew something that's jungle-related
Like jungle animals, wild colors or designs, or jungle fabrics.

Thank you, Carol, for inviting me to join this super fun blog hop!

I figured we had to start this blog hop with the "KING"!

To make my lion, I gathered my fabrics by Jackie Kunkle for 
Island Batik called Ancient Etchings.
These Island Batik fabrics were perfect for the Alice the Alpaca I made for the fall 2019 quilt market and I knew my "King" would be dressed well in the fabrics too.

The pattern is Larry the Lion from the Funky Friends Factory.
He's 11" tall and was super fun to make.

His booty and tail are as cute as he is...

Be sure to check out all of the bloggers that are
Born to be Wild!

I say it every time - by the end of the blog hop, you will have more ideas than time.
I always end up that way...

Have a "roaring" great day!!

Sunday, May 2, 2021

Blog Hops Announced for the Year!!!

Today I am happy to announce a bunch of new stitching blog hops.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Carol at Just Let Me Quilt, Joan at Moosestash Quilting, and I
have been brainstorming and have set the rest of the year's blog hop schedule.

What is a Blog Hop?

It's like a "show and tell" online.
Our blog hops feature sewing and quilting and are like joining a quilt guild without leaving home. 
Carol, Joan, and I come up with a challenge
and invite bloggers to email with their blog information if they want to join our hop.

After we get that info, we assign a date for them to post their project. 
We give everyone plenty of time to sew something, usually two months 
 but, with this post, you now have time to plan. 

We inspire each other with projects, tutorials, or patterns. 
Anyone can follow along!

We like to keep things relaxed and fun, because if it isn't fun why do it.

Blog Hop Schedule

Right now we have a blog hop coming in May with the schedule set.
It's called "Born to be Wild" and is hosted by Carol. 
It should be a very wild time!

Joan will be our hostess for the June blog hop and you can sign up now!
Her post at Moosestash Quilting HERE will tell you how to sign up!

Carol is hosting the July blog hop.
Carol has posted about the hop and you can start signing up for it.  
That information can be found by clicking HERE.

Don't panic and think you have to decide whether to sign up for the rest of the year.

We prefer to wait until a couple of months before the hops to start signing bloggers up.
The rest of this information is strictly if you want to get started on future hops.

We will announce when the sign-ups begin!

Remember, we offer a theme.  It's up to your interpretation - we are NOT the theme police.
Take it where the fabric leads you...

Hostess - Carla at Creatin' in the Sticks

Think orange, think citrus, think orange peel, or maybe the joke about "orange you glad we didn't say banana!"

Hostess - Joan at Moosestash Quilting

Joan says this includes anything fall, including falling up the stairs - ha.

Hostess - Carol at Just Let Me Quilt

Anything Halloween!

Hostess - Carla at Creatin' in the Sticks

Mug Rugs! (or coasters if you prefer)

Hostess - Carol at Just Let Me Quilt
Our annual virtual cookie exchange!

We will keep you updated with all the things you need to know.

Remember, this is for fun.
Let's grow together!!!!

Trying a new email service.  
Hopefully, you don't receive this twice, but on that chance, please accept my apology.