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Monday, December 9, 2019

Favorite Tip

I'm participating in the

Today I am just under the wire to post here so it has to be quick.
I don't know how my writing skills will improve at the rate I'm going,
but I'll keep on trucking with the challenge.

On days there hasn't been a sewing project to blog about,
 I've been using
Cheryl's prompts to keep up with the challenge.

Today's prompt:  Favorite Tip

A college English teacher once told me to get it done,
get it done, get it done.  Then go back and perfect it until you are happy with it.  
But first, just get it done.

OK, that's more like advice, but it's the best.
I've used that little tip so many times.
Almost every day.

1 comment:

Danice G said...

So true. Just getting it done also makes you feel better. Another thing checked off of the list always is nice, isn't it?