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Thursday, December 12, 2019

Oh, December, You Get the Best of Me

I missed it, December 11th happened and I worked right through it without
making the blog post that I said I wouldn't miss.

I'm participating in the
yesterday was a fail.
I am working my tail off to get everyone ready for the holidays.

I would like to tell you that designing quilting and sewing patterns is
all I do, but I am a hairstylist first.
It is my first passion and December is always busy.
I'm afraid my blog is suffering a bit.
Why I signed up to blog every day of December is a mystery to me.

I will catch up with my blog tomorrow.

I really do have some sewing going on here
some news to announce.


1 comment:

Carol S. said...

I wish I could have committed to this 30 day writing thing, but I'm such a slacker with the "I Like Thursday" posts so it's good I didn't. I'm more of a "I Like Every Thursday when I can get to it." You're a busy lady for sure!