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Sunday, December 3, 2017

30 Quilt Blocks in 30 Days

Tomorrow a new challenge begins here in the Sticks.

I've created quilt blocks that are fast to make, easy for a beginner, and perfect for fabric scrap busting.

This challenge became a reality when I joined Cheryl Sleboda's

31 Day Blog Writing Challenge
where  all you have to do is post once a day on your blog for 31 days!  

I realized while I have a lot of projects to post this month, I don't really have 31 days of information I think is blog worthy.

But the idea of the challenge is to build habits that will serve the blog well
as we head into 2018.

What better way to build good blogging habits than to design, stitch, and share a quilt.

Tomorrow I'll start posting quilt blocks for this scrap busting modern quilt.
The blocks are 10 1/2" and can be made with so many different methods.

I'll be sharing a few techniques along the way 
 maybe you will have a few to suggest too.

Come along and sew with me.

Join me in doing a little cleaning up of  leftover fabrics from 2017.

This quilt won't use them all, but every little bit helps.

My plan is to post all the blocks and have the quilt finished by the new year.

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Unknown said...

Great idea!! I'm in!