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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Think Sewing Room - Blog Hop with Handmaids from Quilting Treasures - Sign up Starts Today.

Have you been searching for that perfect collection that would
suit your sewing room needs?

THINK: ironing board cover, sewing machine cover, stash tote, pin
cushions, pressing pads, coffee sleeve, sewing bags, heck even a new valence or curtains
for your sewing studio, station, room…

Welllll Madame Samm was thinking of all those things as soon as she saw this collection called
HANDMAIDS . YOU can view the whole collection here.
Click on logo below !

and HERE for all the stores that may carry HANDMAIDS,
call them ask them if they are carrying this collection!
…Just put your state in, and it will drop down all the
Quilt Shops!

UPDATE:  Our friend over at Pig Tales and Quilts has some of the SHE WHO SEWS fabric IN STOCK!

Photo courtesy of Madame Samm

Janet's collection is whimsical, bright, bold and fullllll of personality.
So if this collection speaks to you like it did us….

It is very detailed and has a lot of possibilities…


Then JOIN US, create something with this collection
that reflects SEWING ROOM NEEDS!
Love to see what you will make, design, quilt~

I am full of excitement!
 Upon seeing this collection by Quilting Treasures…

I shouted PICK ME PICK ME..
so Madame Samm DID!
I am the NEWEST Cheerleader!


UPDATE:  This one is FULL!!
IN the subject line

please send the following info to

your name and email
your blog if you have one
we can take 5 ( who do not have blogs)
we will host for you..

your url of your blog


1. If you sign up, follow through. We give you plenty of time
to get fabric, sew, quilt and get your post ready.
( YOU should know within a month if you cannot make it)
YOU do not want to be on the LIST!

2. BE a cheerleader for all those on the hop…they pour
so much of themselves for YOU!

3. Please turn off word verification on your day!

4. Please place all of those in the hop on your day,
this way we can find them as easily as we found you..
don't forget to include YOU too….

5. YOU must make at least one project with any of her collection
and you can show other projects for your sewing room too!

( choose any of her fabric to showcase…a little or a lot
depends on your project)

6. PLACE Button on your blog once you sign UP.
This will allow all of your friends to find you on your day…

I will cheer for you, always!


J. Wecker Frisch said...

Hi Carla - I just discovered Creatin' In The Sticks and I would love to join this hop. I'm emailing you today. Thank you.

Denise said...

HI Carla, I want to join the blog hop but am doublechecking your email. Is it "gochefs" or "gochiefs?" Mdme Samm says "gochefs@hotmail.com" but I see you are a Chiefs fan so want to make sure.