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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Don't let the Door Stop You Blog Hop Sign Up - you should see mine....

I am cheering another blog hop.  I think Madame Samm thinks I need a door stop intervention.  Scroll down and you will see why...
This blog hop will be going on the same time as She who Sews blog hop ( below)…..one day She who Sews, next day DOOR STOP and DRAFT Stoppers….

I will be cheering this one too…NEVER EVER has Madame Samm had 2 simultaneously, so if nothing else it will be one colourful hop… You will have 2 different days to show your gems….as each day we will be showcasing a different hop…Sounds confusing, but really Madame Samm and I have it all together…
(She knows how to break a newbie in)

Those who have signed up for She Who Sews, if you also want to make a door stopper, you must sign up again. That will take up 2 spots. We also have been listening to you all, and we are keeping our numbers down so everyone can enjoy the VIEW.
How to REGISTER for Don't let the Door Stop You Blog Hop…

IN the subject line

send the following info to
your name

your blog if you have one
we can take 5 ( who do not have blogs)
we will host for you..

your url of your blog
Madame Samm has inspiration here, but I have used this door stop for years and you are welcome to try it out.  lol
Nailed it!

I seriously need a new door stop and can't wait to get started.
We will be hopping back and forth and sideways, but it will be fun.  Join us.


Thearica said...

When I sent in my sign up I asked for the door stop blog hop only. Do I need to send another email?

Linda C said...

I think you MIGHT just need to upgrade, Carla. LOL So do I! My sign up email has been sent. I "get" how you are going to manage 2 hops virtually at the same time a bit better now after reading your post.

Sparky said...

YOU are soooo Nuts…..lol

Carrie P. said...

Just sent my email for the door stop hop. should be another fun one.

Purl Buttons said...

I sent in my email for Door Stop and I even figured out how to put the key on my blog. How/when do we find out if we "made the team"?