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Friday, November 8, 2013

Football Fever - Go Chiefs! With the i...

Thank you, everyone for the very kind comments you made on my last post.  Those quilts are really special to me.
Football Stadium Quilt
My Friday finish is the pattern for the Football Stadium Quilt that was made for the "For the Boys Blog Hop" this week.  I worked all day today on writing the pattern properly and have almost finished another football quilt for my son.  I'm not as enthusiastic about the Tennessee Titans, but it's fun to make something for another love of my life.

Chiefs quilt and cushion for football watching
It's been awhile since my Kansas City Chiefs have been on the winning side, but I'll take a 9-0 record.  I'm really good with that since the team only won 2 games last year.

Hopefully, the fine folks at Craftsy won't mind a Chiefs quilt on the site...lol  You won't be finding me making a Denver Broncos quilt, but maybe someone will want to.  The pattern is available HERE.
You could use the pattern for any team if you have licensed fabric.  It could be made as just a football without the logo on the front.  The best part about the pattern is that it's so fast to put together.

I've had requests for the stadium cushion pattern and I will be putting that together as a tutorial soon. 

Thank you, everyone for making me all warm and fuzzy inside,

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Angela Atkins said...

That is an awesome quilt. I'm so glad my son is in bed right now, not reading over my shoulder, or I know what my next project would be!