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Monday, November 18, 2013

Memory Quilts - Help to Support My Addiction

As a quilter, sewist, or any crafter we are often thrown requests to use our skills for others.  I have found the most requested from me is putting together t shirt quilts.  While I am happy to make these memory quilts, it is a struggle at times to work on them.

T Shirt Memory Quilt

There is always a deadline with commissioned work and that keeps me pushing through.  This is for a college graduation in December.  It is for a man, so we chose grey fabric to outline the shirt patches.  Once the t shirts are all backed with interfacing and put together as a quilt top, I am excited.   Let the fun begin... Quilting.

Quilting Around T Shirt Designs

Quilting t shirt quilts with free motion is great practice.  Most of the quilting is outlining the emblems on the shirts.  You don't want to poke a hole in the rubberized (or whatever that stuff is) designs or you may cause them to start peeling away.

I always like to put the recipients name on the quilt somewhere.  It makes the quilt even more personal.  This one is 54" x 72" and will be a nice, manly throw.
All that is left to do is deliver this quilt and receive my commission to...BUY MORE FABRIC! 
The fabric in this quilt is Moda Marble in Charcoal.  It came from the Fat Quarter Shop, my preferred way to buy fabric.  Fast and friendly service is just one of the reasons it's my first stop for fabric and notions. 
Happy Shopping,


Carla said...

I like the grey. The addition of the name is a nice touch : )

Maggie said...

They're a great idea. Something to always be treasured x

Bonny said...

Thanks for the info on your tshirts quilts! So nicely done! Can I ask what you use as an interface on the tshirts?

Glinda ♥ said...

Brilliant! I wholeheartedly support you in your need, my friend ... yes, you definitely need help!
(And this quilt is a little treasure)

Nina said...

When I retired and started to sew again I said that I wasn't going to make quilts...just crafty stuff. Then son #1 asked me to make him a t-shirt quilt. I knew nothing about quilting just like I knew nothing about parenting when I had him, and it got me hooked on quilts and wanting to learn more about how to really make them. This is a great finish. Very nice.