Monday, July 7, 2014

Belated Happy Independence Day

Just home from a trip to the Tulsa, Oklahoma area to celebrate the 4th of July with friends and family.

After finding this little table at a garage sale, my sister and her family painted it to make it new again.
Isn't it cute?  
And the kids loved sitting on the deck eating watermelon on their own table.

We managed to fit a lot of things into a 48 hour getaway.

My hexi-box-to-go is all organized and I managed to start another hexagon project.
(that was hours on the road)
I am so slow when it comes to hand sewing...

We found a rustic furniture store close to my sister's house.  We were in furniture heaven and ordered a few pieces that will be delivered to our cabin in a few weeks.
Finally, after shopping for years, our living room will see some furniture.

Hubby helped with a little plumbing.  At least he earned our keep while we were there...hehe

But, best of all we were surrounded by love and great hospitality.
The food and company were perfect!

Our garden had a few offerings when we arrived home.

Now it's
Back to reality...

But I'm still giggling,


Needled Mom said...

It sounds like a great trip. I LOVE the painted table!

Mdm Samm said...

what a way to celebrate with a themed table...I absolutely think this is an amazing painting job...and all your other pics look fun and inviting...happy belated...and isn't it nice to be home...we are heading there now..

Mdm Samm said...
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Doris Rice said...

I could have waved at you as I flew in and drove through town. Adorable little festive table and fun times with family.

StitchinByTheLake said...

Oh my goodness - I'm in love with that table! blessings, marlene

Brownwood Quilters' Guild said...

That is the cutest table ! I had no idea you did EPP....not me girl...I'm staying as far away from those things as possible.

Carla said...

Ahh yes, reality. I plan to escape it for a night soon....
Love the little table

Shari said...

Great table. Looks perfect! Love your hexies, slow and steady wins the race *wink*