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Friday, June 27, 2014

Zipper by the Yard and a Friday Finish

Inspiration comes from the darnedest places sometimes.

I was walking by a shop window the other day and saw a t-shirt decked out in red, white, and blue
with the saying:

Home of the Free
Because of the Brave

Wow, that really moved me.
That is soooo true.

I said to myself,
"Self, that ought to be a wall hanging for the 4th of July."

So I made myself a little wall hanging for the screened in porch.

I was a little lazy and had no desire to applique.
Sometimes I'm just not into it.
So, after a little practice, I free motioned the words with my domestic.

Because it is going to hang outside, I decided the binding could be machine stitched
and did that with a star decorative stitch.

I had a visitor this week and was able to send a cushion home
that he had asked me to make 6 months ago.  (I'm so speedy).

That's my dad sitting at my sewing machine and that is the cushion he wanted.
16" x 72"
and I put a zipper down the length of it!  Yeah me!
Did you know you can buy zipper by the yard?
Hobby Lobby had it and the little zip to go on it, too.
I also discovered that my machine isn't crazy about faux leather, but it was fun to sew something for my dad.

I just received this picture of the cushion in it's new home.

It fits!!!

Have a great weekend!


Sparky said...

that is not a cushion...that would be a bed for me...and lots of room left over...totally cool....
great job my sweet

Shari said...

Awesome hanging...love the star stitching! Great pillow, and I just love your sewing space!

Vickie said...

Hey ! I know you ! LOL
That cushion is done with such expertise....your really good ! 6 months is how long it would take me just to get that braid on...that is like a braid around the top isn't it ? Your Dad looks like he's telling someone on the phone what a talented daughter he has ! Cute.... your Dad sitting in your sewing chair. Great job on the free motion handwriting !

Glinda ♥ said...

So clever! Love seeing your Dad - you should've given him a project to do whilst he was sat there :)

Carol Swift said...

I love that saying and it looks great in your wall hanging! Amazing looking cushion, too!

Doris Rice, The Quilting Queen said...

Adorable little wall hanging! And the cushion, what a great daughter you are! I did my share of making cushions for a camper for my sister not once, but twice! After the first time I vowed no more but you know, the things you do for the ones you love! Have to admit, they looked great!

StitchinByTheLake said...

You free motioned that? Oh my goodness - you're good! I love the cushion. I wonder...would you like to make another? No, I didn't know zippers came by the yard but I'm going to investigate that. :) blessings, marlene