Monday, July 21, 2014

Wedding Chucks

With the wedding only three months away, my daughter and I are putting the details together.
She has hired a wedding planner to worry about most of the preparation,
we are a crafty family and want to add our own personal touches.

You can plan on seeing wedding projects here for the next few months.

First up:  Wedding Chucks

Trista, my daughter (the bride) will be wearing high heels for the wedding ceremony
(She is jazzing them up, too, but that is another post to come)

but when the reception dance starts
she wants to have comfortable shoes to run around in and greet her guests.

Her shoe of choice:   Converse Chuck Taylor tennis shoes

 She came over this weekend and we played around with wedding stuff.  
She decided to model my old headpiece from my wedding.
It is definitely not her style...wink.

She worked on the heels and I reworked her chucks to make them more bridal.

This is what they looked like before...

Sneak peek of fair results
The lace overlay was glued to the outside of the shoe with fabric glue.
I sewed pre gathered lace around the opening of the shoe and rows of the lace to the tongue.

She wanted to leave the label exposed.
I was going to cover the red stripe with pearls, but she likes it the way it is, so it stays.
I poked organza ribbon through the eyes of the shoe for laces.

The bride will dance the night away in comfort and her style.

We are having such a wonderful time getting ready for the big event.
There are lots of memories being made.
As it should be.

Have a great week,


Carol said...

I love those chucks! Great way to fancy them up!

Mdm Samm said...

oh lordy lordy those two are are those two lol

Mdm Samm said...
This comment has been removed by the author. said...

Very cute. My oldest daughter when she got married since it was at a primitive park, special ordered chucks to wear under her dress which were her colors of scarlet and gunmetal gray. Both the groom and her sported them. Hers were not all dolled up though!

madebymeinred said...

My gosh those are cute. How clever and quite a remembrance for her special day.

Maggie said...

Love those lacy chucks! Your daughter looks so pretty wearing your head piece. X

Doris Rice said...

Those chucks are just adorable! What a beautiful bride she will be even if she's not wearing your headpiece.

Vickie said...

Those are too cute tenny runners ! It would be cool to incorporate your headpiece into something for her wedding....Trista is adorable !

Vickie said...

Just noticed the sneak peek ! YaHOO for you!

Lory Bernstein said...

Ha ha, these are great!! My daughter would love them... :-)


Createology said...

Very smart lacilicious Chucks. The lace on the tongue is too cute poking out through the organza ribbon ties. Creative Wedding Bliss...

Nancy said...

I Love the Chucks, and your daughter is Beautiful! The 2 of you are having so much fun, and that's how it's suppose to be! Carla I Love your 'Kicking Up Your Heels Block too! Looks like a Winner to me!! Best of Luck~

Huggs, Nancy

Scrapatches said...

Cute shoes ... :) Pat