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Monday, May 20, 2013

One Deck, Two Deck, Three Deck, Four

What a weekend and we still aren't done.  I took a weekend away from all sewing and everything else and re stained decks.   It was quite a job, but they are looking great.

Here are all four decks.
The first three are done with the exception of putting the lattice back up on the bottom of the third one. The lattice is stained and ready to put up. Number four is actually a screened in porch, but the screens all had to come down in order to stain the front of the railing.  One more evening of staining and we should be set to put everything back in order.  Hurray!

I have been staining non stop since Friday morning and I am exhausted.  The problem is (as you know) the laundry is piled, the mowing is in need, no groceries in the house, bills need paid, and I want to sew.  lol

I am getting back to it, but we need to announce the winner of the giveaway for the "It's For the Birds Blog Hop".  Without further ado, the winner is:

Congratulations Charlotte!  I'll be in touch.

Love the ducks. What a nice job!
So much to do, but see you soon,

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