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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Miniature House For a Sweetie

The weekend was extended for us with a visit from our dear friends from Joplin, Missouri - Zack, Casey and their sweet baby girl.  Since we hadn't seen them in over a year, I wanted to make something very special for the visit.

In my collection of vintage patterns I found McCall's pattern 8346 from 1982 to make a miniature house, furniture, and animal families.  It seemed like a simple enough project to finish in a couple of days while I cleaned and finished staining the decks in preparation for our friends visit.  LOL  Can you say HAND SEW?  Every other step was some kind of hand sewing, but it really turned out very cute with lots of applique and a little quilting.

I managed to make 1 bunny to go with the house, but no furniture yet.  (Insert sad face).

The curtains are hung but there is no where to sit.  (Another sad face)  All alone in an empty house.

Hubby even sewed on the Velcro for me last night in the wee hours of the morning so I could put the one bunny together.  We both have sore fingers now...

I made it the colors of our cabin to commemorate her first visit to our house.  Now I just have to make the rest of the bunny family, chair, couch, and bed.  I'll provide the delivery at no charge.  :^)

Update:  Furniture, Mommy, and Baby POST HERE.

I forgot to take a picture of her with it, so mommy and daddy took a picture of her playing with it on the car ride home. 

Here is our other visitor today.  He thinks there is another Cardinal in the glass (his reflection).  He's been on the deck singing and pecking at the glass all day.

And the decks are all stained!  What a great weekend.  I'm so happy we had an extra day with friends.  Now it's back to work.



Lisa said...

It is a beautiful house and bunny! I love it, but I not very good at hand sewing! Cannot wait to see the rest!

Unknown said...

Whoa! That’s so sweet of you, Carla! I saw the furniture and they all look fantastic! You talent is very unique. Anyway, have you considered changing your style? Like upgrading to a real-like miniature items?

Steve @ObjexUnlimited.com

Suze said...

What a cute bunny cottage!

Lynn said...

I made some of these way back when, but I've misplaced the pattern and would like to make some for my small granddaughters. They are so cute, and yours is awesome. Any chance you would want to sell me your pattern?

Diane E said...

Hi! I'm in the same position as Lynn, who posted in 2018. I made 2 of these, for my daughters, back in the mid-80s, but no longer have the pattern. I, too, would like to make one for my granddaughter. Did you sell the pattern to Lynn? If not, do you still have it, and would you consider selling it to me (in the UK)?
Look forward to hearing from you.
Kind regards,

Carla said...

I can't email when you are no-reply in your settings.
The pattern is not for sale. I'm sorry.