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Friday, May 3, 2013

Athena - Block of the Month Sampler Quilt

I told my hubby how much knowledge was gained from start to finish on this quilt and he suggested I name her Athena, the goddess of knowledge.  Pretty clever, I think.  So here she is.

This is my first sampler quilt and was started last year when I took the2012  Block of the Month class at Craftsy.comAmy Gibson was the instructor and she was so inspirational.  If you want to learn basic piecing, this is a great class to take and it is completely FREE.  The class has instructions to download as well as videos to take you from fabric selection to binding the quilt.  It is still available to use anytime.  I added lattice and cornerstones to make this a full size quilt.  I wanted more of the teal color and thought the stones brightened it.
When it was time to begin quilting I decided to go ahead and purchase the class by Leah DayFree Motion Quilting a Sampler on Crafsty.com because this is the quilt that is used for the class and I really want to be better at FMQ.  Leah is a great instructor and I have followed her blog for over a year.  She gives lots of tips on everything from basting the quilt, tweaking your pressure foot, thread, to making free motion shapes your own.  I learned over 16 shapes and used them in over 30 ways.  This class isn't free, but is worth every penny.  She encourages you to quilt your blocks the way you want but you can follow her exactly if you please.  There are course materials for download and hours of fabulous, up close videos of Leah's quilting action.   Leah is very encouraging and after the class, I feel like we are great friends...lol

Athena Stats:
Size:  68" x 86"
Pattern:  2012 Craftsy BOM
Quilting:  FMQ on my Janome 6600 (with instruction by Leah Day class)
Started- February 2012 Finished- April 30, 2013
Made in Dodge City, USA

Look at all the bumpy goodness on the back.  That's a lot of quilting..

Athena through the trees
The sun is shining and maybe spring will stay,



Anonymous said...

Beautiful soft colours -- well done! I keep telling myself I will make a sampler quilt. This one looks like a great skill builder! JJ

Maja said...

I just love your quilt!
Nice color combinations and such a fine piece of art!

Lisa in Port Hope said...

Congratulations on your finish. It's beautiful and well-named.

Pat Merkle said...

Great quilting

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your wonderful finish! It is beautiful!!!

Carla said...

You did a fabulous job. Wonderful finish!

Stella Nemeth said...

You did a wonderful job on the project, and I bet you learned a lot. I took both courses too, but I mostly didn't make the blocks and used what I learned in Leah's class in other projects. But I agree that both courses are pretty wonderful. And so is this year's BOM which is also a Free sample of what Craftsy has to offer.

Sara said...

Good for you for doing all those beautiful designs throughout this quilt! The colors are lovely.

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

That is a fantastic quilt! The teal cornerstones really bring out the teal in the blocks!