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Friday, June 1, 2012

Sewing Room

I've been a little busy lately and have not been on the blog scene.  The reason....MY NEW SEWING ROOM!! 
My mom made this Raggedy Ann wood plaque for my room when I was little
Here is a little tour of my new project room.  I have more to do to make it the room of my dreams, but I have already enjoyed sewing and chillaxin' in my very own diva attic!

We started with wood studded walls above the garage and an old work bench (which is wonderful storage).  My husband worked on heating and cooling and sheet rock.  He installed a wood floor which was obtained from some very nice people down the road that were installing new...FREE!

Heat and cooling unit.  Love climate control.

Sheet rock in progress.  This is the north wall before.

More sheet rock in progress.  This is the south wall and work bench.
Recycled wood floor installed, but what a mess.  Check out the plug ins going in above the bench..oh yeah.
After the floor and sheet rock were finished, a very nice fireman/part-time construction contractor came in and put texture on the walls.  Finally, it was my turn to get to work...  I decided to paint the room white until I can make up my mind what color I want.  Actually, I may just go crazy with accessories and leave it white.  Work in progress...always.

Here is a tour of the after:

South wall finished. 
 This is the only picture I have of the light fixtures.  The ceiling isn't high enough for the chandelier I wanted, so flush mount it was. ha  The hardware store had two fixtures on clearance.  BARGAIN!
Work benches.
 I decided to paint the inside of the benches.  I may eventually put a curtain up to hide the clutter, but for now it's good.
Lots of storage!!

Curtain.  The first sewing project in the diva attic..
I made valences for the windows using fabric by Moda - Half Moon Modern - Aqua Scissors.  Perfect fabric for a sewing room :) .

Glass front for fabric storage.  Small hanger area for work in progress.
 These cabinets are actually closet organizers.  I wanted a glass front cabinet and have been searching for something VERY affordable.  I found these at Menard's and just love them.  The hubby cut the hanging bar down a little to make it fit just right.

My new sewing table.
 My new sewing table was the splurge.  It is a Horn #5580.  It is elevated and has an air lift. (I opted out of electric lift..)  I love that it is the perfect height for me and is a great cutting table.  I found the drafting chair at Hobby Lobby and was able to use that trusty little 40 percent off coupon.  It was a steal of a deal.
Drafting chair and storage in sewing table.
I did get an insert to fit around my machine after I took this picture.  My machine now sits flush with the table.  I love that feature.  Quilting is so much easier.
Sewing table as cutting table.  Love it!

My Grandma's sewing cabinet.  My old Kenmore on top.
 I am lucky to have my Grandma Haskin's sewing machine and cabinet.  I've never tried the machine inside the cabinet, but she used it all the time and I'm sure it's a good back up.  My poor Kenmore sits on top.  I know the Kenmore works and comes in handy for those industrial strength jobs.  The thread holder on the wall came from my Grandma Wycoff.  There are  big spools on the holder that show prices of 18 cents.  You sure can't buy thread for that anymore.....

My sewing center.

North wall finished.

Quilts I made for the kids.
My husband's Grandpa made this shelf out of old thread spools. 
 This shelf is so cool for the sewing room.  It holds a little thread right now until I get my spool holders put up.  My husband does metal art.  Check out Duck Creek Designs to see some of his creations.   My name 'cut out' was one of his first practice projects.
Future home of the sink.
I planned to have a sink here by now, but I can't make up my mind what kind of cabinet I want.  I want a deep sink and not a vanity sink.  The hole in the floor is where the drain goes.  My husband is a plumber so that comes with perks...  LOL

So now you know what I've been up to.  I have some projects and stories to put on here also.

Lots more to come,

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Catfishsue said...

Wow sweetheart, you have put together a beautiful sewing room here. Your Grandma Haskins would be so proud. I love the Raggedy Ann plaque too. I thought it was lost in the shuffle a long time ago....didn't realize you had kept it all these years. (sniff, sniff) All choked up again:) Love, Mom

Carla said...

Of course I kept the Raggedy Ann. I love it so much because you made it. You haven't seen it because I haven't had my own room since I left home... lol. Thanks for keeping up with my blog.

Rita in Kansas said...

I love your sewing room,such a nice set up, great storage! I use the family room with the only fireplace in the house as my studiobut is just not enough room,we build a two story shed for all my containers!

Carol said...

Your sewing room is a real dream!!! Someday soon I'll have my own sewing room too. Hubby bought a super sewing machine for my birthday this year :0)

Savannah Granny said...

I absolutely love this room. Everything looks great. I am pinning. Ginger

Jake said...

LOVE the room sized shelving! Awesome studio.