Thursday, June 7, 2012

Couch to 5k

I am running again, finally.  Inspiration- Glow Run.  A high school friend invited me to join her and her group of fitness junkies for this fun 5k and I decided to do it.

I ran my first 5k at Dodge City Days in July 2010. Or I should say, I ran and walked a 5k.  I finished with a time 32:33.  I was OK with that time, but I really wanted to be under 30 minutes. As luck would have it, my hubby decided he would like to run a 5k after he watched me race and we sought out a training program. 

The Couch to 5k Running Program was the perfect fit for my husband and it gave me a brand new start.  It is a 9 week program designed to get you from couch potato to running 3 miles.  We finished the program and ran a 5k together.  The 5k was called the Toto trot and it was held in Liberal, Kansas in October 2010.  The race started at Dorothy's House & Land of Oz - a museum with a lot of information and articles from the movie, "The Wizard of Oz."  I was able to reach my goal and ran the 5k with a time of 29:26.
Hubby and I after the TOTO TROT

It has been almost 2 years since I have ran regularly, but my husband and I have started the C25K program again.  We completed Week 4 Day 3 last night and it is starting to feel like I might be able to do this.  We are going to run the 5k race at Dodge City Days and then run the Glow Race in Wichita in August. 

Wish me luck,

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