Sunday, July 29, 2018

Revisits for Unbelievable Cuteness

How life can change in one year.

I posted this tutorial last year
over on the Thermoweb Blog
before I knew I was going to be a Grammy.

Yesterday, my sweet Grandbaby modeled the outfit for the first time...

She just makes the outfit so much cuter and I'm so glad I kept it for her.
This is her first photo sitting up on her own, too.
She is sitting on a blanket my mom (Great Grammy) made for her.
I just can't believe this could be any cuter.

This was another tutorial from this year over on the 
I usually practice on one before I make the full tutorial.

She makes my practice perfect.

And one more...

This one was back in April this year for 

She was able to wear this one once before 
the dress was shipped away to be used for a background piece
for a top-secret project...  (shhh)

I don't think she was happy with me that day,
but maybe when the dress comes back it will fit her better and she will smile.

I've learned to make things a bit larger so she can wear them longer.
I learned my lesson with these.

She only wore them once...

This is truly one of life's blessings,
this grandparent thing.


Barb Neiwert said...

My goodness, how special is that! The outfit certainly looks made for her and to have the photograph on her great-grammy's blanket is delightful. Good lesson about making clothes/shoes a little bigger than needed. They grow so fast. Enjoy the journey!!!

Needled Mom said...

SOOO much cuteness. I can't believe how quickly she has grown. My favorite is the first one with the blanket your mom made and the outfit you created.