Friday, November 24, 2017

Quilt Scrappy Christmas Trees

Christmas sewing is so fun 
I have been making tutorials and creating some super fun projects to share.
This one is super simple and fast, but one of my favorites.

Fabric scraps are one thing, but I seem to always have odd shaped paper backed adhesives left over after a big applique project.
  Triangle Christmas trees are a great way to use them up.  

I made a pillow, but you could even make a quilt with this super easy method.

Just cut triangles out of leftover HeatnBond Lite scraps 
(or whatever paper backed adhesive scraps you have).  
The triangles should  be random on all three sides and don't have to be perfect.  
In fact, my favorite trees are made by the wonkiest triangles.
I had Northcott Fabrics  left over from the Christmas Carol Row Along to use.

Next, bond the triangles to the wrong side of fabrics according to your adhesive instructions.  Cut the triangles out, peel off the backing paper, and arrange them on a background fabric.  I'm making 3 trees on a 21" x 12" background here.

Cut 3 rectangles from the adhesive scraps for trunks and fuse to the wrong side of fabrics just as the triangles were prepared.  Once again, the size can be random and wonky.  Cut the trunks out, peel off the backing paper, and slide them under the bottom triangles.

Draw stars on the paper side of more adhesive scraps.   Make the stars different sizes and wonky too.  Bond the adhesive to the wrong side of fabrics, cut them out, peel the backing paper off, and arrange them on the trees.

Now fuse the trees to the background fabrics.

I chose to make a quilt sandwich before I stitched around each piece with black thread. 
 I like the whimsical look this kind of applique achieves and the stitching is the only quilting I did on this pillow.

With a little added purchased piping and an envelope back, I have a sweet holiday cushion.
It will be perfect with the next Christmas project I have to share, but that has to wait until Tuesday when I will be over at  the Thermoweb blog.

Come see me there and let's start creatin' for Christmas!!


Kate said...

I like your trees and stars!!

Needled Mom said...

That's a great use for the leftovers. It makes such a cute pillow.

The Joyful Quilter said...

What a fun and funky holiday decoration!!

Carol S. said...

This is so it!

grammajudyb said...

Those trees are just too "stinkin' cute"! said...

Very cute trees. Love the fabric with the lights. It is perfect.