Saturday, April 30, 2016


Sparkle is ready to go to auction.

This is the first time I've donated a quilt to be sold for charity
it's the smallest quilt I've ever made.  

5" x 5" art canvases are donated by Artists and are auctioned off during a silent auction
on May 5th
5:55 p.m.

Hubby brought home the flyer and a 5" x 5" canvas and said I should make something to benefit 

I thought, "It's an art auction, am I an Artist"?????
"It's a canvas, what do I do with THAT"???

I decided to make a little collage quilt.  That's art, right???

Sparkle wasn't very pretty in the beginning...

But she finally took shape and found her name on the background fabric.

So how was I to get her from here to a canvas??????

I found Maria Elkins and a great tutorial to mount a quilt onto canvas by sewing the quilt to fabric and mitering the corners to fit a canvas very nicely.

And now I'm ready to take Sparkle to auction.
  I may add a bead or two to really jazz her up if time allows.

Today I have the honor of attending a 60th wedding anniversary.
How cool is that.
It's my sister-in-law's husband's parents.  (I don't' know how else to say it.)
Congratulations, Bill and Darlene!!

PS - It's hairstylist appreciation day.  Thank your hairstylist!!!!!!!


Quilts and Such said...

Sparkle is gorgeous! Hope she goes for a good price! Your work is beautiful! said...

Wow that is very pretty. Love the colors and how it turned out.

Needled Mom said...

Sparkle look fabulous. That would be a challenge to put it on canvas, but you did a great job.

60 years! Congratulations to both of them.