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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Play with Me Quilt Along Skill Builder - April

It seems appropriate to share my April block for the "Play with Me" quilt along as I am returning from a family vacation in Las Vegas, Nevada.

This is my hubby, my daughter, me, my son, and son-in-law riding from the airport to the hotel.
It was a trip I'll never forget.  I think my kids are as much (or more) fun now as they were when they were little ones.  It's even better with one more in the family.  Cheers!

I have finished my April block and I will probably get a low score...
The skill builder this month is embroidery.  As I said, I've been on vacation and time was not on my side so I put Miss Janome to work and machine stitched the fancy stitches instead of hand embroidering the lines for the game, GO.

I pulled out my trusty Heat n Bond lightweight fusible interfacing to stabilize the fabric and, after marking the lines, let Miss Janome embroider away with Aurifil 50 wt to match the background fabric.

I added an extra border, for extra credit  to add a little color since I cheated this month...lol

Alida (TweLoQ) Designs

Here are all the blocks for the quilt so far.
My hope it to give this away at Christmas...

How fun is that?  A game board quilt.  I have a lot of game pieces to make, but I have until Christmas, right?  

April showers are almost ready to give way to May flowers.  YIPPPEEE!!
Although the weather was a beauty here today.  Hope yours was.


AlidaP said...

Great job with the board! You got full scores! As long as it is stitched in time and it's cute that's all that matters :) The only way to get extra credit is if you enjoyed the process :) if you did, that's wonderful! Thanks for linking up!

Needled Mom said...

That looks terrific.

We did Vegas last weekend with three of our adult children and their wives. It was so much fun so I know what you mean.

Sally said...

Not cheating--lots of cool stitches on your Janome makes it very special. Good job