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Saturday, May 3, 2014

A Little Wedding Help? Just asking...

Wedding plans are  really starting to come together. 
I need help with a couple of things and I know my blogging friends can help.
In case you don't know, my daughter is going to be married in October.
This quilt block was created for an outdoor flag for the wedding and was part of the Flags on a Stick blog hop back in April.  It is entered in the:

AccuQuilt Win the Dream Quilt Block Design Contest

AccuQuilt - Win the Dream Quilt Block Contest
I want I Do to Win the Dream! Vote for I Do and you can win too. Prizes are being given away daily, valued up to $700 per day just for voting!

My daughter, Trista, with her husband-to-be, Kyle, and their dog, Chief.
Over the Easter holiday we went wedding dress shopping and were lucky to have my mom and my son join us for the day. 
Me, Trista, Dress Shop Lady, and Randy
Here is a picture of the lady at the dress shop showing Trista the particulars.  My mom took the pictures and, dumb me, I never grabbed the camera to take a shot of Trista with her Grandma.  I won't make that mistake twice....wink.
Trista really wanted her grandmother and brother there to help choose a dress, but we all agreed on THE one.  It was a "no brainer" when she walked out glowing...
Trista and her brother, Randy
The dress will be revealed after the wedding, but I'm so moved when I see the pictures of the shopping day that I can't imagine what THE WEDDING DAY will be like.
So here is where I ask for help. 
I want to make a recipe book for my daughter (she loves to cook) and thought,
"How much fun would it be to have my friends from all over the world help me?"
I'm still trying to come up with particulars, but for those who wouldn't mind contributing a recipe by snail mail in their own hand writing I would be so happy to include it in the book.
I also thought about doing a linky party and maybe coming up with prizes for contributors and then I would print the posts to include in the recipe book (with permission, of course).
Not only recipes, but advice for a new bride could be fun, too.
A Virtual Bridal Shower
Leave me a comment. 
I think June (the traditional wedding month) would be the month for the linky party.   I've never done a linky party and think this is the perfect occasion for one.
If you feel like sending me a recipe card, I would love that.  Just comment and I will give you my address.
This recipe book is something she will use and cherish, so thank you for your help!


Shari said...

What fun! Count me in...had your addy...accidental email deletion, pls. resend =)

Unknown said...

What a fantastic idea! Definitely count me in for the recipe card, and I will come out and play for a linky party, too!

If you send me your address, I will get my recipe card in the mail. Does she have any favorite ingredients or types of food? Food from certain countries?

Anonymous said...

Count me in! I have an amazing recipe for Pumpkin Bread passed down to me by my grandmother. :)

Vickie said...

Yes, I would love to participate ! That's a very neat idea ! I'll send you a Texas recipe. Your daughter is a beauty !