Monday, February 17, 2014

Wedding Countdown and Grow Your Blog Winner

My daughter is getting married
and I couldn't be more excited.
I spent a little time over the weekend making her a little gift and wanted to share it.
Wedding Countdown Shadowbox
I had seen a tutorial about making a wedding countdown calendar by Terri over at A Creative Princess and wanted to make one for Trista (my daughter) to sit on her desk at work.
I used the same shadow box frame as Terri, but I chose these little chalkboards
to mark how many days until the wedding.   The shadow box is hinged in the front to make it easy to access the inside.

All she has to do is erase and mark the new day.
The charms, stickers, and frame (every thing) was purchased at Hobby Lobby.
I just put it all together.
Trista loves it and that makes her mom happy.
Now to announce the winner of my Grow Your Blog giveaway.

The winner is:
She knows what a pants bag is now.
I've sent you an email, Connie.
Stay tuned for more wedding planning,



Connie Cain said...

Thank you so much!! Congrats on the wedding and love your countdown calendar. :) Thanks again for the giveaway.

Gill said...

Congratulations to Connie!

Carol said...

Congratulations on the upcoming wedding...I love your countdown box! Congratulations to Connie, too!

Kathy said...

This is a cute idea for your daughter. My daughter used a shadow box (probably a bit bigger than what you have here) and hung it on her living room wall with mementos from her wedding day, including the wedding invitation, the flower I made for her hair out of sheer fabrics, a vintage brooch that was on the wedding cake, stuff like that. Maybe your daughter can do the same after the wedding with this box!

Vickie said...

That's really a cute idea Carla, Your a sweet Mom !

Glinda ♥ said...

What a gorgeous gift for Trista - how exciting! You're a great Mom, it's lovely all the planning you'll be getting up to :)

Doris Rice said...

Ok, I don't know what a pants bag is either. I was just too afraid I'd be the only one who didn't know so I left it alone and figured the truth would surface eventually. Do tell please. :) And congrats to Connie

Rosa said...

Congratulations on the upcoming wedding,the box is super cute.Great idea!!

Mdm Samm said...

Congtats to all...what an adorable heart felt project