Friday, February 21, 2014

Searching for Major Tom

Do you ever have a song going through your head
as you make a quilt?
Searching for Major Tom
Project Quilting Challenge 4 – Across the Universe
Searching for Major Tom

My original title for this quilt was
Porthole to the Universe,
but as I was attaching the lights to the porthole all I could think (sing) was,
"ground control to Major Tom."
Major Tom is a fictional astronaut created by David Bowie.
Now you can sing it with me.
"Space Oddity"
That is, if you remember the song....
My first thought when I saw the challenge was looking out a porthole at the universe. 
I went right to work to create what was in my mind's eye.
This is a Dresden with a large circle for the middle that I reverse appliqued.
The fabric was in my stash and I have no idea where it came from.
The quilting is free motion on my domestic with stipple in between the planets.
Once the binding (continuous bias binding) was on, I just wasn't completely happy.
That's when the light bulb appeared.....
The lights are on a  6 1/2 foot long wire that I wound around the center and zig zagged to attach.
I made a very small button hole in the black fabric to bring the wire from the back.
(I would show it to you, but it is covered with the wire now.)
The lights are Battery operated LED Rice Lights.
I purchased them at Hobby Lobby.
The cool thing is that the lights can be set to come on at night for 6 hours.
The quilt will be a nice night light.
This wall hanging was created for
Made by Carla in Dodge City, Kansas
Size 16"
Searching For Major Tom
 Every-other Sunday at Noon during the Season of Project Quilting a new challenge is posted. You have one week to complete the challenge and post your pictures and story about the project.
I'm searching for Major Tom through my porthole to the universe.
I have a slanted wall in my sewing room and you will be able to see the universe.
"Ground Control to Major Tom
Your circuit's dead,
there's something wrong
Can you hear me, Major Tom?
Can you hear me, Major Tom?
Can you hear me, Major Tom?
Can you....

Here am I floating
round my tin can
Far above the Moon
Planet Earth is blue
And there's nothing I can do."
Or we could be singing, "It's a Small World."
Challenge 4 quilts are due by noon central time on Sunday, February 23rd.
You can see and vote for your favorite  "Across the Universe" projects HERE.
Have a Happy Weekend,


Purl Buttons said...

This is such a great quilt! I love the lights and the fact that they can be programed. What a wonderful night light this would be in a child's room or a TV watching light so the room is not in total darkness. This is quite an idea! I love that you don't know where the fabric came from before it got in your stash.

Pam Geisel said...
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Pam Geisel - For Quilts Sake said...

This is really cool, and I love that song!

Vicki H said...

Love the lights you added. I had no idea that could be done. Perfect for the challenge.

carla said...

Hi!!! Wow!!! That is amazing!!! Out of this world!!!!

Doris Rice said...

Out of this world my dear! Great job. With that beacon of shining light, surely you'll find Tom! lol.

Quilt Musings said...

This is sooo cool! Putting the lights on was brilliant... ;) see what I did there?

Love that song - perfect for the project!

Carol said...

Wow! Perfect title, perfect project, perfect place to hang it! I love the addition of the lights too.

Leah said...

Very cool, love the addition of the lights!

Anonymous said...

The coolest quilt ever! And it lights up too! I am blown away by your amazing talent and fun quilts! Love it!

PersimonDreams said...

Fantastic! Love your take and all the different techniques you used!

Trisha Frankland said...

I love this! The lights are inspired, and the view through a ship's porthole is a great vision!

Trina Peterson said...

This is so cool. And that song rocks. :)

Mokki said...

What a fun quilt for a fun challenge! I've never seen anyone put lights in a quilt before.

Suze said...

I'm not particularly a Bowie fan and I love the song. I had no idea it was his song. It rocks and the quilt does, too! You are #1 on creativity. WOW! I love the lights. Now I may have to try to make a Christmas tree with lights - that would be cool, too!