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Friday, June 28, 2013

Mommy Bunny, Baby, and Furniture Going Home

It's a finish before the last day of the month for A Lovely Year of Finishes over at Fiber of All Sorts.

One little bunny is jumping on the bed....  This is Mommy and baby bunny.

 The goal for June was to make this house a home.  The post about the house is HERE.  Daddy is lonely and is waiting for his family.

Mommy and baby will be joining daddy after they get the furniture all packed and ready to make the trip across Kansas to Joplin, MO.

I had so much fun with this project and I'm so excited because I have been commissioned to make another one.  My deadline is September so I have already started gathering supplies.

These bunnies will have so much fun with little Kennedy,


Nicole said...

Carla, the bunnies and their furniture are absolutely adorable! I just got a dollhouse for my daughter for her birthday and have a new appreciation for making tiny things. I made my first dollhouse quilt and hope to make some more in the near future. Who would have thought such tiny sewing could be such big fun?!?

Nina said...

Your bunnies are so cute and I love their furniture and house! I'm sure they'll be glad to be reunited with Daddy Bunny again. Nice job!

Unknown said...

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