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Monday, June 17, 2013

Mid Month Check In on my Tablet?

Tablet blogging is not for me. I was going to show pictures of the storm damage we had last night, but after working on it for an hour the post disappeared. Vanished without a trace. My computer was a storm victim and hopefully will be back in action or replaced soon. I started on this months goal of finishing bunnies and furniture for the bunny house, but I was distracted by a dress that had been cut out over a year ago and a tunic that needed finished. I started some new quilt blocks, too. I'm just going to show pictures (in whatever order my tablet and Google decide)and hope this post works. Sorry this post is a mess. Next time I do this, I'll use one liners and one picture. Have a great week, everyone.


Carla said...

It's easier to comment than to write a post. Ugh.
The first picture is the bunny furniture cut out and the second picture is the tree on the roof of our garden shed and fence. The rest I think you can figure out. Thanks for your understanding while I get this mess cleaned up.

Lisa said...

You have been busy love all of it but the shirt is my favorite! Try Blogger + app it works well for me!

Glinda ♥ said...

Oh bless you, I use my iPad for blogging cos my home computer is so temperamental. I have to write all the text first and then start adding photos from the bottom up (if that makes sense?) I didn't know there was an app ... hmmmmmm :)

Lynette said...

Oh, no! I"m so sorry you're dealing with the damage - and your poor computer. :(