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Sunday, February 5, 2023

Second Round of Stay at Home Round Robin

It's the Second Round of the Stay-at-Home Round Robin


Wendy is the host this week.

Wendy's prompt for SAHRR this week is stars.

I've made a few and am not sure where I want this quilt to go,
 so I'm going to wait to see the next prompt. 

This Round Robin is unique.
It's a stay-at-home round-robin.
Quilting Gail has all the info HERE.

It's a busy week and I am hopeful I'll have a chance to stitch on this a bit.

Have a great week!


Needled Mom said...

What an interesting sounding project! I will be watching where this goes.

Brenda @ Songbird Designs said...

Look at those tiny little stars! They are really cute. Can't wait to see how you incorporate them with this week's hour glass prompt!!

works4me said...

Looking good. I have decided to jump in using the apple block from Which Way to Witchville. Wish me luck.

Susan said...

Tiny and cute. Looking forward to seeing what happens next, They are all so different!

Quilting Gail said...

I like your yellow stars - in different sizes!
It'll be fun to see where they end up!
Happy Quilting!

The Joyful Quilter said...

A viable option, Carla. Sometimes it's difficult to know if we should sew or wait! I'm wondering if I will need to employ my seam ripper after my own "round" two. We shall see...

Danice G said...

Your SAHRR is looking very cute. I always love spool blocks in a quilt block. Cannot wait to see your completed quilt top.

Kathleen said...

I like the stars....it will be fun to see where it goes!