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Sunday, December 4, 2022

Virtual Christmas Cookie Exchange - Bits of Christmas and Peanut Butter Swirl Brownies

 Welcome to 

Creatin' in the Sticks!

I'm excited to kick off the
where bloggers are sharing Christmas cookies recipes, traditions, 
sewing projects.
Thank you, Carol, for including me!

Merry Christmas!

It's time to make Christmas happen here in the Sticks
my friend Carol at Just Let Me Quilt
has a way of pushing me (this blog hop)
 to get my projects finished on time.

I have committed to using only mostly scraps for my projects this year.

I had a bunch of small Christmas bits and decided to use them for this quilt.
Even the white bits are from my scrap bins (they aren't all "white")
I didn't even make a dent in the scraps.
This is tiny piecing and I loved every moment.

The Bits of Christmas Quilt Recipe

Finished quilt size: 52" square
I3 blocks across and 13 blocks down.

All seams stitched 1/4"

Red Block
Unfinished size 4 1/2" x 4 1/2"
Finished size:  4" x 4"

Cut 4 rectangles - 2 1/2" x 1 1/2" - white
Cut 4 squares - 1 1/2"  - red
Cut 1 square -  2 1/2"  - red

Make 85 Red Blocks

Green Block
Unfinished size 4 1/2" x 4 1/2"
Finished size:  4" x 4"

Cut 2 rectangles 1 1/2" x 2" - white
Cut 1 square 1 1/2" - green
Cut 2 rectangles 2" x 4 1/2" - white

Make 84 Blocks

I would love to make another
Bits of Christmas Quilt
I have enough little bits to make one for a king-sized bed.
(better start now for next year...)

I've been working on another project I thought I would share.

My first Ombre Puff Quilt

It's a sew-along on Instagram with Brittany over at Lo and Behold Stitchery (Pattern Here)

I'm so in love with this quilt and I've really enjoyed the process.

You're saying, "But Carla, what does that have to do with Christmas?"

I made a Christmas Puff Pillow with 5" charms for a practice run before I quilt the big one.
It's full of cushy goodness!

But you are here not only for Christmas inspiration but for some virtual cookies.
I made Brownies - Peanut Butter Swirl Brownies.

Yep, I bought a brownie mix and used the recipe on the side of the box.
I did change it a bit by adding pecans to the top.
You can get the recipe HERE - they are amazing!!!

If you want more cookie recipes, you are in luck:


Melisa- pinkernpunkinquilting said...

Your Bits of Christmas quilt is gorgeous. Thank you so much for the measurements. Peanut Butter Swirl brownies sound so yummy! You got me at peanut butter.

Pamela Arbour said...

I love your Christmas quilt. That would look great in any color combination but too tiny for me right now! LOL Your puff quilt and pillow are really nice and comfy. My grandmother made my dad a puff quilt. I really need to repair it but really don't like the process. Not sure why. Maybe it is because I have so many UFOs I am trying to finish! Those brownies really look yummy.

lynn said...

Carla, I love the Christmas bits quilt, and tiny is so up my alley. Thanks you for sharing this with us early in the Christmas season. My immediate plan is to take the block and make a doll quilt for my sweet little great granddaughter who will be loving it to cover her babies. Thanks and have a wonderful season of love.

Stitchin At Home said...

I love your bits of Christmas quilt! Scraps never seem to diminish no matter how hard you try, they replenish themselves nightly...

Linda said...

Carla I love your quilt! Thank you for the pattern, it's perfect for all the scraps (that never disappear). Your brownies look yummy!

Vicki in MN said...

Very pretty quilt that doesn't scream Christmas, love it. Love that you used all scraps. Thanks for sharing your blocks for it. Happy Holidays!

Daryl @ Patchouli Moon Studio said...

What a beautiful red and white quilt! You could keep that one up the year round. That Biscuit Puff quilt brings back memories for me because my mom made one in pinks and greens for my sister when we were young. I don't see too many of those Biscuit Puff quilts anymore. Yours turned out so nice and the pillow too!

Carol said...

Carla, I absolutely love the Bits of Christmas quilt!!! (I think the scraps mysteriously grow when you use them, somehow...that's why we always have plenty left for another project or 2 or 3...) The brownies look awesome! I've never made a puff quilt--think I'll leave that to others, at least for now. Hee, hee. Thanks for sharing!!

LJ said...

This recipe for the PB Brownies looks fabulous; I approve of the pecans. I love the scraps Irish Chain. The puffy quilt is wonderful; I bought a baby quilt like that for my 2nd child and she's nearly 50!

Brenda @ Songbird Designs said...

I love your Bits of Christmas quilt, Carla, and your tree is gorgeous! That's a lot of tiny piecing! The puffy Christmas pillow is sew cute! The brownies sound great. I like pecans in mine as well! Thanks for sharing!

Calicojoan said...

Oh I love your "Bits of Christmas" quilt. You had me at scrappy. What a fun little puff pillow too. You have hit the nail on the head with your beautiful brownies too. They are my downfall! LOL!!! Merry Christmas.

Charlene McCain said...

Your Bits of Christmas quilt is beautiful! I love that you’re dedicated to using up your scraps. I should do the same. And your puff quilts and pillow are so bright and colorful. They look so comfy. Do they have a regular backing, or are they sewn together individually? Can’t wait to try that brownie recipe. Looks yummy!

Carol S. said...

Your quilt is beautiful and the name of it is perfect. Lots of sweet bits in that quilt! It's amazing how two blocks can make that pretty of a quilt. The puff pillow is adorable and a great way to use those puffy squares. Brownies...yum! Thank you for the great kick off this morning. You rocked it as usual!

For the love of geese said...

I love your quilt, it is the perfect backdrop for the tree and so Christmasy.

Karrin Hurd said...

Love your bits of Christmas quilt and the puff pillow. The brownies look delicious, thanks so much for sharing!

Susan said...

That is a fabulous quilt; love the colors, the design, everything about it. I haven't seen a puff quilt in ages, so nice to have it come back! Thanks for sharing your recipes.

Kathleen said...

Love your Christmas scrap quilt! It is lovely, scrappy and really doesn't read Christmas. Now those brownies, oh my goodness. They look yum!

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

I love your quilt!!

Needled Mom said...

Your Christmas quilt is fabulous. It’d make a great leader/ender project for next year. The puff pillow is very clever too.

thatfabricfeeling.wordpress.com said...

OMG your quilt is amazing!! I just love how it looks all uniform at first but then upon closer inspection, it's delightfully scrappy. Please do make another one. It never ceases to amaze me how two simple blocks could come together in such an interesting pattern. I have so many 1.5" blocks cut already, this could be a fun quilt to try in blues. Now those brownie thingies look so incredible. I have been searching forever for a great blondie recipe, but you may have changed my whole perspective. Thanks for sharing a wonderful pos and Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Sharon said...

I love your beautiful scrappy quilt! The brownies look yummy too. Thanks for sharing, and Merry Christmas to you!

Carol Andrews said...

Carla your scrappy Christmas Quilt is a beauty. Thank you for sharing your pattern. The Ombré puffy quilt is a winner and I do like your puffy cushion! Peanut Butter Swirl Brownies? I can feel my waist expanding with all these goodies! 😉

The Joyful Quilter said...

Super sweet Christmas quilt, Carla! Thanks for including directions. I have a quilt to make and this might be just the right pattern!

Leah said...

I love this quilt! I love sewing with tiny bits too and I love how you used up your white scraps. I have a bin of white scraps too and they are definitely not all the same white. I am going to have to try this!

beaquilter said...

cute quilt and fun puff quilt

CathieJ said...

I may have to make those brownies for my son in law this Christmas. He loves peanut butter. I like your large quilt. Those are small pieces. I like the puff pillow also. I have a pattern for a snowman one somewhere. Enjoy your stitching!

Sandy Panagos said...

That is a great Christmas quilt. Thank you for sharing your recipe.

Danice G said...

Beautiful Christmas quilt and pillow. The brownies look great too.