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Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Make It Modern with Hobbs - Trig Play

The May challenge for the Island Batik Ambassadors is
Make it Modern with Hobbs.

Today is my day to show
Trig Play
with a new, to me, batting technique.

As Island Batik Ambassadors,
this month is our second industry partner spotlight challenge
we are to use any of the Hobbs Battings provided to create a Modern Quilt.

The biggest challenge this month for me was deciding which of the modern characteristics my quilt might include.
A modern quilt as defined by the Modern Quilt Guild (the use of bold colors and prints, high contrast and graphic areas of solid color, improvisational piecing, Minimalism, expansive negative space, alternate grid work)

I chose an Island Batik Basic, Butternut, and the black and white fabrics from the ambassador fabrics that were provided.
I was going for minimalism with expansive negative space and designed a large triangle pattern.

Once the quilt top was finished, it was time to choose which Hobbs batting to use and black seemed to be the obvious choice.

But, I was concerned about the large white triangles looking grey with the black batting.
As luck would have it, I was able to visit with Steph in the Hobbs Batting booth during quilt market and fellow Island Batik ambassador, Jennifer - The Inquiring Quilter. was there too.

Steph suggested putting white Hobbs Thermore batting behind the white triangles to keep the white fabric from greying out with the black batting.

In order to do this, I simply cut triangles from the batting with the same pattern that the fabric triangles were cut from. As I quilted on my long arm, I placed the white batting pieces under the white fabric triangles and right on top of the black batting.

Next, I just placed the quilt top over the layers of batting and quilted as normal. The white batting stayed in place with no problem and I just love how the white stayed white and the quilting has so much texture.

I quilted with more triangles
for the quilting in the butternut triangles, I added a little sunshine and circles for a bit of quilting contrast.
The color of the butternut batik makes me think of Tuscany and the sun quilting seemed to fit.

The binding is black with 4 random stripes of the butternut to mark my 4th Island Batik Ambassador challenge and I thought it added a little modern touch to the binding.
Trig Play finished at 42" x 50".

You can find the full list of Island Batik ambassadors posting for the 
Make It Modern with Hobbs Challenge

by clicking HERE.

It was so fun to play with a new batting technique and I will definitely do it again!
Thanks, Hobbs!


Pamela said...

That was a great idea to use the white batting under the white pieces - glad to see how well it worked.

Kathleen said...

I tried hard to talk with her at QuiltCon but didn't get the chance. The thermore is perfect on top of the black and I love that the colors are really vibrant - the black and the white in this quilt! The design is terrific too!

Anita said...

I love the modern feel of your quilt! Great idea with the batting.

Vicki in MN said...

A great idea with the batting! Your quilt is really fun and definitely modern.

Danice G said...

Clever batting there. I always hate if batting shows through a white fabric. Your quilt and quilting is beautiful.

Deb M said...

Great quilt!! I'm working on a B&W quilt and was wondering what to do about the batting...after reading your post, problem solved!

teachpany said...

That's a great quilt, great quilting, and thanks for the info about adding the white batting. Great idea.

Leigh said...

Hi Carla, It was a pleasure to meet you at Birds of a Feathers quilt shop in Dodge City. Always fun to learn something new and meet fellow quilters. Love your Blog..you might even convert me to modern quilts some day.
Hope to see you again soon.

Sarah Goer Quilts said...

I love the bold graphic nature of your design. That's a great trick about the white batting.