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Friday, December 21, 2018

Craftsy Pattern Store - Download Your Pattern Library NOW.

If you haven't heard, Craftsy is changing.
Craftsy has been the host of my online store for over five years.

NBCUniversal acquired Craftsy in 2017 and has been making changes to fit its brand, Bluprint.  As a designer for Craftsy, I've known changes were coming.

This week the changes have been announced that will affect independent designers.
In an email, the company explained that some independent stores will be deleted and some will be downsized.  I was a lucky one and will still have a store.


I don't know which patterns will remain in my store and which ones will be deleted.


If you have any patterns you have been thinking about downloading, now it the time to do that because, after December 28th, I don't know which of the 45 patterns I offer on Craftsy will still be in the store.


Take the time today to download all the patterns you have saved in your pattern library at Craftsy
to your own computer.
ALL of them so you will have no worries.

Make this your Friday Finish.

That's what I'll be doing today while I bake up some Christmas goodies.

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Sometimes, change is good...
challenging, but good.


Brenda @ Songbird Designs said...

Well, unfortunately, both my pattern and class libraries are empty. I've sent them an email and they say THEY can see them, but I sure can't! Anxious to see what changes are coming!

Carol S. said...

Someone commented that all the patterns will remain to download if you've purchased them, even if the account is deleted. Wonder if this is true? We've been lucky to have it free for so long...hopefully it will be good changes happening. Though, I do feel bad for people who are having their accounts totally deleted without much notice.

Natureluvr57 said...

If we bought the patterns I think it stinks if they delete them. Even if they were free patterns. I bought a couple classes and don't have a laptop. They don't work on Kindle Fire-I even wrote to ask them and they responded there was an app but it doesn't work well. I would love the classes to be viewable on my Kindle Fire so I could sit at my craft table and follow them. It's uncomfortable to sit at my desktop because I don't have much space. I know you're just a messenger but if they change things for the worse, which it sounds like, I'll be leaving them altogether.

MissPat said...

I suspected that when Craftsy was bought out by NBC Universal and the classes and new content was moved to a subscription basis, that it wouldn't be long before the free aspects disappeared. I expect eventually that the classes we bought "forever" will also go away. I also think the subscription price will rise once they re done with all the incentives to join.

Susan said...

I didn't like the way they did this, so I've closed my Craftsy user account. I wasn't a maker on there. I hope that another platform will come along that is better for makers than Craftsy. I won't be trusting anyone for a long time, though. Best of luck in your store.

Annie Joy said...

Ahhhhhh. I wish I had read this. For real.
Where can I go now for the pattern library. ETSY isn't doing it for me. Not just your patterns, but ALL of the content?! I can't believe it is just gone! 😭