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Friday, March 23, 2018

You're One Cute Chick - Split Skirt Onesie Tutorial with Deco Foil

One thing I've learned by sewing for this sweet baby is
comfort is not only the number one priority in her clothing,
but she won't tolerate anything but comfort.

She makes everything "over the top'"cute, so there's no need for lace and frills
and this grammy has such a pretty model for all the little projects!

She's growing fast and has a lack of appreciation for uncomfortable dress-up clothes. 
 This is what led me to create a tutorial for a split skirt onesie over on the Thermoweb blog.

Now she can wear a dress and not even know she is.  
She has lots of kicking room, which is her favorite past-time.

The onesie is not only super simple to make into a dress, 
but is a great COMFORTABLE Easter outfit or would make a great gift.

Add a little bling with Deco Foil and make that onesie sparkle.

The complete tutorial is over on Thermoweb today
they are having a giveaway
where you can win, not only the Hello Jane fabric by Windham Fabrics that I used for the split skirt but all kinds of HeatnBond goodies.

Are you stitching up things for Easter?

We are so eggcited for her first one.

She's one cute chick!


grammajudyb said...

She surely is one cute chick. Great idea, split skirt for a onesie!

The Joyful Quilter said...

A-dorable, Carla!!!