Friday, August 11, 2017

A NO SEW Knit Skirt with HeatnBond Soft Stretch™ Ultra

Can you believe it?  This knit skirt was made without one stitch thanks to new HeatnBond Soft Stretch™ Ultra
  I'm over on the Thermoweb blog today with my  demonstration of new HeatnBond Soft Stretch™ Ultra. 
 I made this cute floral knit skirt with no sewing at all. 
 Not one stitch.

 I have to admit, I'm a "short cut" kind of girl.  When I see a one hour clothing pattern I am always ready to sew.  The trouble is, I spend a day making that 1 hour project. 

 With HeatnBond Soft Stretch™ Ultra I really made a 1 hour pattern in 1 hour and didn't sew a stitch. So put your sewing machine away for this project and check it out over at

In case you were wondering, I've washed this skirt 3 times now and even wore it to work and the 
HeatnBond Soft Stretch™ Ultra is still as strong and soft now as it was when I first made this little floral skirt.


Needled Mom said...

Very cute and nice to know how well it holds up without the stitching.

Sandy said...

That is so cute!