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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Christmas Shirts with ThermOWeb

I hope your Christmas was wonderful.  Here in the sticks we are still in celebration mode.
One more family get together this weekend and we will be ready to welcome 2017.

I meant to share my shirts earlier, but time got away from me.

This year I created a wardrobe of shirts to wear through the last week of work and all the Christmas celebrations.  The 2 above were made with Hot Melt and Deco Foil by ThermOWeb.
I simply traced my letters and cookie cutter shapes onto the Hot Melt and cut them out.  Then I followed the package instructions to iron it to the shirt.

I chose Red, Green, Gold, and Emerald Watercolor foil transfer sheets to cover the Hot Melt adhesive and, like magic, I had very magical shirts.

This picture was at work with my friend, Vicki.

It was "Tinsel Tuesday" and sparkle was important!

For the other 2 shirts, I rummaged through my closet and pulled a couple of long sleeve tees that aren't long enough for me anymore.  (I have a vertical issue with shirts)
Next, I stitched lace to the bottom of them.  LOVE!!!  and will do this again!!!

I used Deco Foil on the Teal shirt by cutting a dear head out of Hot Melt and using a Champagne color foil transfer sheet.

The red "Jelly of the Month Club" shirt was created by using a certificate on the internet as the picture and a HeatNBond EZ Print Inkjet Transfer Sheet for dark colored fabrics.  I simply printed the certificate and pressed it on the shirt following the package instructions.

I wore this one for the "Pretty Ugly Christmas Sweater Day."  You could wear a pretty sweater, an ugly sweater, or a pretty ugly sweater.  lol.  I chose Jelly.

Have a Happy New Year and I'll see you in 2017!!
(unless I finish a couple things I'm supposed to have done)


Needled Mom said...

Cute ideas. I really like the lace across the bottom of those shirts.

Carol S. said...

Oh, Carla, you created some adorable shirts...love the lace addition!

Julia Sandvoss said...

I loved them all but I tell you that Jelly of the Month club is REAL NICE! ;-D Per Eddie!LOL