Friday, March 25, 2016

Project Quilting Season 7 Recap

This week I finished my final entry for 

Egg Basket Upset was finished and I posted about it here, but after that
hubby made a holder for my quilt
 I wanted to show it off.

Now I have the sweetest Easter decoration. 
Thank you for the sweet quilt hanger, hubby!

Kim at Persimon Dreams hosts Project Quilting.
She announces a challenge and you have one week to create something quilty.  The season for Project Quilting begins in January and ends in the spring with a total of 6 challenges.

Here is a recap of all 6 of my entries for Project Quilting - Season 7.

Clockwise starting in the upper left corner:

Challenge 1 - Confetti
My entry:  Pixelated Confetti

Challenge 2 -  Seasons
My entry:  Seasons of Love

Challenge 3 - All About That Thread

Challenge 4 - I Need a Vacation
My entry:  Air Show

My entry:  Little Pink House

My entry:  Egg Basket Upset

I've had a blast this season and feel like I've grown in some new quilting skills.

Another bonus I enjoyed this season was a super sweet prize!!

A big thank you to Kim and all the sponsors of Project Quilting Season 7:

 Now I'm ready to catch up on everything (and I do mean everything) I've been setting to the side.  

Have a Happy Easter!


Needled Mom said...

Your quilt holder is fabulous.....such talent in your family!!! Happy Easter.

Mary said...

Carla, WOW! What a magnificent job you have done. I love all of your ideas, and you deserve every accolade for them. The hanger your husband made is wonderful as well. Congratulations for a job well done. said...

Great quilt hanger. All of your projects are gorgeous.

Carol S. said...

Your hubby made that quilt hanger? Love it! Your beautiful quilt looks amazing!

Marian said...

That's a very cool quilt hanger, he is super talented, I wouldn't mind having that for myself. I also love the other projects you've done for Season 7, really great.. Love the Easter block, that butterfly is sew darn adorable.