Friday, June 5, 2015

Star Spectrum - H2H Charity Quilt Challenge

Hi all!

Time has been getting away from me and I have been absent from here both in writing and reading.
I miss both so much.  I feel out of the loop.

Special occasions require hair stylists to work a little overtime and between proms, graduations, and mother's day, May was quite busy.

I've been working out of town on weekends (tis wedding season)
and I'm afraid my blogging has suffered.  I only have one more wedding this summer and I will be ready for "normal" to return.  

In the meanwhile
is hosting
Hands2Help Charity Quilt Challenge.

Star Spectrum 
is my contribution for 2015.
(The wheat looks happy this year.  This photo is out in front of our house.)

This reverse rainbow star burst quilt was made from 5" charms I've been cutting for my scrap organization.  I used Kat's tutorial over at diary of a Flutter.Kat as the inspiration for the blocks.
Star Spectrum is 54" x 54"

Because I am so close to the deadline for the finish, free motion quilting in a meandering pattern was the quickest way to go.  I used Auriful thread 50wt #2615.

Star Spectrum will be donated to Happy Chemo, an orgnization that provides quilts and comfort for chemo patients.  Emily of Em's Scrapbag has been collecting quilts for this cause for awhile and has set a goal of providing 1500 quilts to Happy Chemo.  She's already donated more than 600 quilts and the H2H quilt challenge is helping to make here numbers grow.

Happy Chemo has a great blog for Cancer patients
and you can click HERE to check it out.

If you would like to see all the quilts donated during the Hands 2 Help Challenge

Have a great weekend,  It's been raining so much here that I haven't even planted my garden.  Can you believe that?  We had over 10 inches of rain in May (a record). 
 My garden hopes to be off the porch and in some dirt tomorrow.  
This picture was on May 23rd and the plants had been there 3 weeks then.....


Sarah Craig said...

Carla, that is a stunning quilt! I love the bright colors and the way the stars sparkle! Thanks so much for participating in the Challenge this year!!

Pauline Perry said...

Wonderful quilt and I love the whole post about H2H quilts. ((hugs))
perry94022 at hotmail dot com

Lixie said...

This is freakin awesome! I absolutely love it - well done!

Carol E. said...

Gorgeous quilt! Wowsers!

Karen said...

This quilt is bright and cheerful. I love the extra charms to make the stars move in the blocks. I love this quilt and so will some one else. said...

Gorgeous quilt. My garden was finally put in, and then the torrential rains came. The seeds I planted kind of floated willy nilly, my rows are zigzag now, but they are sprouting. Ours was done Memorial Day weekend.

Vickie said...

I think that quilt represents your personality.... beautiful, bright and cheerful ! It looks wonderful in that beautiful wheat !

Kat said...

Awesome quilt! It is so happy!

Heide said...

Gorgeous quilt! So fun and colorful.

legato1958 said...

I love your star quilt! It will surely gladden the heart of the recipient!
I want to make one of these , after seeing your beauty!


Glinda ♥ said...

Have been a bit absent too ... it can happen. I'm happy to read your posts whenever they appear and this is a gorgeous quilt for a great cause.

liz said...

Fantastic! Love everything about this quilt!