Friday, January 10, 2014

First String Stockings

If you are a regular reader, you are probably thinking I am a one trick pony lately.  Football, football, football...
You are right.
So one last football / Christmas project (you are saying, "it's January, Carla...").  I'm only a month behind.  I'm thinking, "not bad."  I am more prepared for next Christmas than I was for this last one.   lol
This is my project for:
NFL stockings - First String

These stockings are for two of my favorite NFL football fans - my kids.
They love it when the Tennessee Titans and Kansas City Chiefs play each other and they try to attend the game together.
I had a ton of scraps from making this quilt and this quilt.  When Kim over at Persimon Dreams announced the new season for Project Quilting and it was string quilts, I new it was my chance to make these stockings that have been in the back of my mind for a while.
I string pieced these on batting and then lined them and string pieced a cuff for the top.  I also made sure to make a big loop for hanging.
I've started the year with a little scrap busting with this challenge, too.  YEAH ME!
A complete finish with labels.
"First String" Stockings
Made by Carla in Dodge City, Kansas
Size each 9" x 17"
String pieced NFL Christmas Stockings
Check out all of the Project Quilting Challenge 1 projects here.  You can vote for your favorite 3.  wink...
Have a great weekend,


Sherry Von Fumetti said...

"Give 'em what they like." and you can't go wrong. Very clever and cute stockings.

Glinda ♥ said...

Cute stockings, cuter kids, cutest labels ... yep, you're just a big cutie :)

Carla said...

Cuuuuute! They will love them

Vickie said...

I need to make stockings too....I need to do like you did, be an organized visionary who gets things done 11 months ahead of time (wink)
thanks for the link !