Friday, October 18, 2013

Where's the Frost for the Pumpkins?

I finished this little wall hanging this morning thinking it would be great to call it "Frost on the Pumpkins." 

 And then it started to snow...

I hate to complain, but I'm a summertime girl.  Spring and fall, I can handle.  What is this?

Here's a closer look at my patchwork pumpkin wall hanging's quilting.

Clockwise from top left:  Pumpkin sections, Pebbles, Scallops, Spiral.  The black background was stippled.

The quilting is free motion on my domestic.  The bottom left is a spiral, but it's not very clear in the picture.  It's probably because my photo session was in a SNOW STORM...yuck.

Those flakes are huge.

This snow is sucking my energy away,

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Nina said... this early for snow by you? Love your pumpkins. Maybe you should make snowmen next!

Glinda ♥ said...

Love your pumpkins! Love the snow too ... probably because we don't get as much of it in the UK!

Maggie said...

Hopefully your lovely pumpkin wall hanging will cheer you up through the snow!

withajoyfulheart said...

Very pretty pumpkins. Know what you mean about the snow. Spring is my most favourite season, but I do like the snow. It encourages indoor sports like sewing, knitting, baking....mmmmm. But hate the first snow fall when it melts and leaves such a mess. Love when the first dump we get just stays. Have a great day!

Vickie said...

Central Texas rarely gets snow, so we love it ! Bundle up !