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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Weekend of Hair and Hexies

Just home from a quick 4 day working vacation weekend.  That is one day of working and one day of vacation and two days of driving. (Well, actually, I rode and hubby did the driving while I did some English Paper piecing...) 

Stack of Hexies

I was commissioned to fix hair for a wedding in Denver, Colorado and had a very wonderful time.  I couldn't have asked for better accommodations and wonderful clients to work with. 

The wedding party
This is me at the wedding

Hubby and I explored a little of Colorado the day after the wedding.  Our first stop was a trip to the IKEA store.  This was our first time and it was a bit overwhelming.  I did manage to buy a couple of items...  There is one item I will have to wait to share, but my favorite thing in the store was the SMYCKE wall clock.

A hexagon clock with pieces you can arrange any way you like.  This should be fun for my sewing room.

We took a little trip through Garden of the Gods, Manitou Springs, and Cripple Creek before heading home.  The Rocky Mountains in Colorado are beautiful and full of history.  We enjoyed great meals and each other's company. 

Garden of the Gods


We are so happy to be home and ready to get back into our routine.  It rained while we were gone!!!  We've had almost 3" in a week and a half.  I think that is more rain than we've had in a year and a half.  lol

Have a great week,

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Glinda ♥ said...

Pretty coloured Hexies ... gorgeous bride and didn't you look a picture too! Sounds like you had a fun time ... now show me some quilting!!