Monday, November 5, 2012

I'm a finalist! Blogger's Quilt Festival, please vote

I'm so excited to be a finalist in the Rainbow Quilt category at Amy's Creative Side Blogger's Quilt Festival.

This is the quilt I entered

 The quilt is called "Down the Dyeing Path". 


Amy's Creative Side

I'm begging you to go vote.  Here's the LINK to vote for all your favorites.

What a great day,
(car washed, oil changed, Chinese food for lunch, and this nomination)
oh, and no wind.  lol


Sylvia said...

Love your quilt. I voted for you!! Good Luck in the Festival.

Carla said...

Thank you very much Sylvia. There are so many beautiful quilts. What fun.

Anonymous said...

I love it! This is exactly the reason I wait until I've read all the finalists before I vote!
I had no idea you hand dyed all this fabric! That is so cool.
I want to try that but suspect that new little hobby could grow into a monster!
Wishing you a win!!!

Carla said...

Hi Carla. Your quilt is lovely. I am a follower of your blog, but just realized your posts haven't been showing up in my reader. Hmmmm

Carla said...

Thank you! I just know you will be a winner. I was just thrilled to be nominated. Thanks for stopping by.

Carla said...

Carla, thank you! I love your entry in the Quilter's Quilt Blog. I wonder why I'm not in your feed. I follow you as well.

Sylvia said...

BTW - I tagged you in a game of blog tag. to read more.


Suzy said...

Hi Carla! I'm stopping by from Sylvia's Blog-Tag game. Congratulations on your quilt being nominated! That's awesome! I love the pattern and the colors. I'm your newest follower and I'd love if you would come over and follow me too! I'm going to vote for your quilt now! Best of Luck!