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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Planting Tulips with a Drill

I'm on a mission to add a little color to this place with plants.  So far I've fought the deer and the deer have won.  But today, hubby and I planted 100 tulip bulbs and we did it with a drill and paddle bit. He ran the drill, I dropped the bulbs in the hole, and we were done in no time.   Hopefully we will get to see a little color next spring before the wildlife around here makes lunch out of my flowers.

The bulbs needed to be 6" in the ground, the length of the drill bit.   That makes it so easy to just drill the hole with a 1 1/2" paddle bit.  (or if you don't have that size, hubby can weld one up..lol)

I used the shovel to help guide the bulb into the hole and to cover the bulb back up.  You could hardly tell we had done anything to the lawn.

Drilling the holes

Dropping the bulbs in the holes

Where the tulips will be growing next spring. 
Hopefully there will be an after picture of beautiful tulips growing here next spring.

Add some color to your world,

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Jeannie Marie said...

Every year I was going to...now we are in Florida and can't. I admire you so much for getting out there! I worked at Spring Hill nursery too!

Deb@asimplelifequilts said...

Stay away critters! I had planted daffodils (after giving up on tulips) across the length of our back yard in our old house and still miss them every spring... they don't seem to do as well 3 hours further north.