Monday, September 24, 2012

Front Door Makeover

In my wildest dreams, I will replace the front door on my house with a beautiful wood door.  For now, painting it will have to do.  It's amazing what paint and color can do. 


The before:
White Door..boring

And After:
Green Door...warm and inviting
Picking the paint color was a piece of cake.  Hubby and I took a piece of the green metal roof from the cabin with us to the hardware store and color matched it.  The color is Robinhood Green. 

Just discovered

Three coats later and it looks great.  So much more inviting.  We painted both entry doors to the house and the garage door.  Why were all the doors white?  Color on doors, check.

I've been crazy busy trying to catch up my BOM class at 

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Brandy~GreyLaneHome said...

Your door certainly pops now. I love the mums. Visiting from Newbie Party.

Carla said...

Thanks so much. The mums were birthday presents! I love them too. I also love that party at Debbiedos!

Maria Elena said...

Very pretty! I am in the process of refinishing my door also. Great inspiration!

Debbiedoo's said...

Such a pretty color. Makes a statement. Thanks for sharing.

Rolf said...

I love the Robinhood Green better, Carla. Nice pick! It’s a good thing you decided to make a front door makeover. You new door color made your house look more appealing and absolutely modish. Anyway, I do not see any photos of your garage door, so I would like to ask, did you also paint it with Robinhood Green?

Rolf Matchen

Rolf Matchen

kanchan tyagi said...

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Wilson Joseph said...

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Vernie Herr said...

Why should the replacement of your door be just in your wildest dreams, anyway? :) I hope you’d be able to make it a dream come true soon, and update us about it. ;) Anyway, nice choice of color! It definitely complemented your house’s exteriors.

Vernie Herr

Maricela Milum said...

That’s a lovely color! We normally see white doors, but once we see a different one, we’d want to try it. I usually paint my door every year so that I won’t get bored with how my house looks. Anyway, I also love that bunch of beautiful flowers on your doorstep. A fresh touch to the new door color.

Maricela Milum