Friday, March 16, 2012

I can do it.... Classes

I've been away from blog land for over a week.  Really I haven't.  A few computer issues and spring break (I'm a hairdresser and spring break means everyone needs a hair "do").  I'm just having trouble coming up with things to blog about.  I've been reading other blogs and have been so inspired by so many wonderfully creative people out there.  I'm just having trouble with the writing part of this.  I want to be a better writer, but I would rather be sewing and I get distracted by all the wonderful quilts and projects when I'm researching on the writing portion.   ha ha Can you tell?

I have started so many WIP.  I've decided to start some more quilt alongs and classes to help with my skills.

I want to start a free motion class and have found a couple I'm interested in, but I have a couple quilt piecing classes I've started and need to get caught up on.  I goofed off a little with this mug rug to play with free motion and now know I need a  But I can do it!!!

My project room is taking shape.  I will show the before pictures this weekend.  The sheet rock has been taped and the texture is supposed to get started today.  (We'll see).

One of the classes I've started is The Perfect Points Sampler by Ann Johnson for Connecting Threads.  Here is the link.  I really feel I need to work on points and triangles.  It looks so easy, but I really need to work on triangle work.

These are the blocks from lesson one.  I put the good ones on top and hid my less than perfect points.  I love that you can show here what you want to show... lol I chose bright spring like fabrics.  Yeah Spring!!!  I want to hang this quilt in my project room when it is finished.

I've also began cutting for a mystery quilt in the American Quilter magazine which I'm using batiks for the first time.  More BRIGHT colors.   It's called Rainbow Rotini and looks like it will be a lot of fun.   Here is the link.  I'll post the first blocks if I ever get caught up with it.

I still have so many UFOs to finish, but I have broke the deal this year and have started new projects. 

I love the new sewing machine by the way,

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Angela said...

I love those colors! I've always got several unfinished projects, I figured one day I'll get them completed :)