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Monday, February 6, 2012

Cookie Cutters Storage

This is a fun and easy way to store cookie cutters.  You can see through it which makes it easy to find the one you are looking for and it makes for an interesting conversation piece. 

Cookie Cutter Storage

I've had so many visitors ask me about what is in the jar.  They are surprised to find out that it is full of cookie cutters. 

I don't use cookie cutters too often, so storing them above the counter works well to keep them out of the way and it's kinda cool to look at...

I would like to take  complete credit for the idea, but it was one of the girls I work with that suggested that I find a jar to keep them in.  I don't think she had any idea how many I have, but Hobby Lobby had this huge jar on clearance...

Maybe I need to go bake some cookies,

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