Friday, January 27, 2012

We Made LOVE

LOL.  Yes at the kitchen counter.  My husband was involved in this quickie.  lol  This is my Valentine's Day Project. 

This isn't an old project, but an idea I saw on Pinterest.  I love words and all the scrap book paper frames I've been looking at.  I purchased the LOVE in paper mache' for $7.00.  I bought 2 sheets of 12 x 12 scrap book paper for $.79 (it was half price).  I usually have Mod Podge on hand, but we are in the process of finishing the room above the garage for my project room, so my supplies are scattered everywhere.  That purchase put this project over the $10.00 range, but I have enough Mod Podge to do this again 10 times.

For just paper, it really looks rich.  It goes great on the ledge in our bedroom.  I have a lot of decorating to do in there and this is a great start. 

Supplies:  Paper mache' letters, acrylic paint, scrap book paper, Modge Podge, foam brush,  exacto knife, scissors, cutting surface
OPTIONAL:  scalloped edged scissors

more detail

This is what we started with.  The letters look like thick paper bags but are hard like wood.

  I painted the letters with brown acrylic paint and let them dry.

This is my husband, Daryl, gluing the paper to the letters.

We traced the letters onto the paper and cut them out. I used scalloped edged scissors on the L and V to add a little interest.  This is optional to your taste. Next we glued the paper to the front of the letters.  Be careful with this step.  Make sure you have the letter positioned on the paper so that the right side of the paper will be on the letter the correct way.  Once the glue was dry, we laid the letters down on a cutting board, paper side down, and trimmed the excess paper off with an exacto knife.

I applied two coats of Mod Podge with a foam brush allowing 1 hour dry time between coats.

 The ledge in my bedroom that needs some attention

Love is in the air,


Karen from Sew Many Ways... said...

Hi Carla,
Thanks for sharing a link on my blog. I can definitely delete that one where the picture didn't show up. Keep trying though! lol
I stopped by your blog, because there isn't an email address attached to your comments. You are a "No Reply"...meaning all comments you leave on any blog can't be replied to. If you ever want to change that feature on your blog, I have a post on my right side bar labeled No Reply that explains the quick fix.

Carla Henton said...

Thanks for your help. I will take your knowledge and experience. You rock!!